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[PSL 9] Roy Rogers Inc

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The Players:


Captain: TheChampionMike 

I’ve always felt Mike has a lot of underrated showdown knowledge and overall Pokemon knowledge as well as having good leadership. I won’t go into details on what he can do, but I have high hopes for him this season. Very reasonable price imo.


Untradable: Rendiz

Well, I’ve been with Rendiz a lot in my time playing PSL, as well as being on the same team with him for a long time. This guy can hard carry like he did in VALE despite not playing much at the time. Despite coming across a little less serious and likes to troll, I know how competitive he is and I know he’s always motivated - these are qualities I highly value in a player.


Untradable: Elcoolio

She comes off less serious with a bit of a casual attitude but like Rendiz, I know she’s a competitive player at heart and she has a lot of PokeMMO and Showdown knowledge. Show them whats up Coolio my home girl xx



I’ve played with Takens for years, he is a motivated, hardworking and he is always happy to be a team player. I value you much higher than the 2k I paid for you, prove everyone your worth.



My amigo..! I feel like we’re always on different teams, but finally we are together :) . Despite all the jokes I make about you, you are highly skilled and you are always achieving highly. The team  will be relying on you as one of our most valuable players.



Another returing face. I was impressed with your performance last time we teamed up so you were definitely on my list of players to get. Put in that hard work and I know you will repeat your excellent performance. I love your attitude <3



I always forget you’re on my team, only to remember and feel excited to finally team

up with you. When we’re talking good DDP players, your name is right up there. You have the potential to carry this team. I think this is your season.



Can’t believe they let me have you for 2k lmao. I used to practice with you and I know you don’t like to lose. You have a lot of knowledge, it’s just a shame you’re dead ;).



They say actions speak louder than words... But I’m not so sure in Camcods case. Be ready be get roasted while you get spanked. 



10/10 team wow would buy yes si jaja what my team sucks holy wtf ok im bored now

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Just now, KaynineXL said:

The dutch known for their exploring nab(I didn’t even tell bestfriends, he came up with it himself)

500 years ago yes. nowadays we build dams and eat cheese.

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6 hours ago, KaynineXL said:

Hand crafted by yours truly Bestfriends... absolutely wonderful



@Bestfriends could you also make us a banner for our thread?? You can add whatever you like


I can do that.


On another note, I am glad that everyone enjoyed the signatures I made. To be honest, I wasn't even sure that my thumbnail software could pull it off, but I am glad that it did.

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