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[PSL9] The Ruthless Rattatas

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wow so ruthless



Zigh [captain]


Last season was merely just a bump on the road for him, he's back to show that the breakout player award wasnt just a fluke. Only reason he's captain is because I need a leader to communicate with these jajas when they get out of hand




this guy is the most game jaja you'll ever meet. here's some dankage to prove it





Well of course I had to buy the biased host... why wouldnt I? All jokes aside, I wanted to have JJ because I know how he is as a teammate in psl as I've been in teams with him in the past and know he provides alot of input and help for his team aswell as being a good player and a solid chance to win every week




whos looking forward to a 60+ minute stall match every week with this guy?



this the kind of guy to play anything goes with 6 mamoswines instead of practicing for his PSL game. Solid addition to the team imo




this man uses an offensive cofagrigus sweeper in ou, what a god




Some random pleb from Fiji, he can play guitar so hes good I guess




DPP pleb etc etc




good player, can talk to madara thats good enough for me




they laughed at me for buying u, lets prove them wrong bby




old dpp pleb, is a weeb and likes maplestory etc etc wow what a weeb




haha @DoctorPBC i got ur golden boy get fk'd


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