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Play Pause And Minimize The Battles




I do not know if someone has already proposed something similar, or if it is possible. That is why I propose it, Add an option to pause duels and put play, or advance and delay the duel.

Also add the option to minimize the duel, to do other things and then go back to watch the duel.




Something like that









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If anything I can't see them adding an option to fast-forward the matches as it would facilitate more efficient scouting, especially during tournaments. Having said that, I could maybe see it working if the feature was only available to match replays once the tournament has finished. I personally would warmly welcome the ability to rewind, pause and minimise the battle, though.

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In replays we also need to be able to skip turns and to have CONSTANT time between moves. Its frigging obnoxious to be forced to wait as if it was a live battle.

The scouting argument can easily be avoided if you make this "advanced" replay system only available for tourneys which are concluded.

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