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[PSL9] Player Registration

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IGN: Kamimiii

Timezone: GMT+1 


Fluff: I'm a tryhard, also master of predicts. I lost to Moetal once. I can play every tier in the world if I have someone to train with me (kys if you buy me for dubs and not let me play Arbok when I spend 1 day breeding/eving/lvling it @znk26). I'm probably the best player to pick as a filler, I'm available day & night cause I sleep one hour per week like Gbwead, I can play anything and I'm good, nearly unbeatable when it comes to PSL games. I got a kiss on the cheek from Schuchty. Aaaaand I'll smash every player facing me till my team wins PSL9 or chokes. 


Most Preferred Manager: Yubellllllllllll - he believed (except for the Arbok incident)

Least Preferred Manager: gbwead - lil uguu who midseason drafted me and benched me 6 years straight


(Anyone, I'm the kindest person on earth and I'll never have grudge against anyone on a Pokemon game. Peace future team mates.)


Can we fast forward to player draft I really really want blood asap.

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Timezone:America (daylight savings is confusing and idc enough to look it up)

Fluff: since Ive played my team has gotten to the playoffs except when i was manager, played since psl 3

Most Preferred Manager: Who are they, didnt look

Least Preferred Manager:Vorred

Tiers: all of them, showdown is preferred though, pls don't bench me :|

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IGN: yangsam

Timezone: GMT+8

Fluff: 8 times psl playoffs experience, 1 time champ, over 60% winrate overall in multiple tiers 

Tiers: UU and maybe OU

Most Preferred Manager: Kiz/K9

Least Preferred Manager: none

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IGN: GBush

Timezone: (GMT-8) (GMT-7)

Fluff: No Rematches, amirite?

Tiers: OU/ UU

Most Preferred Manager: Toast, Jovi, Doc

Least Preferred Manager: Parke

Edited by GBush

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IGN: NightWingX, Eric Clapton

Timezone: GMT+12

Fluff: Uh.. the only notable thing about me is I have a 100% win rate against Kizhaz. So Kizhaz, buy me if you don't want to lose to me again.

Most Preferred Manager: Rigamorty(COACH TAKE ME BACK), Parke, Noad

Least Preferred Manager: Mkns, yeah Mkns for sure. 

Showdown tiers are my favourite, DPP > SM LC > MMO OU.

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IGN: JhowCrazy

Time zone: GMT-3

Tiers: MMO OU , UU




Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place enchanteur 

NU Rumble ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place Axellgor 


#26 Bracket ~1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place AntiWall 

#32 Bracket ~1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place vinchezon 

#43 Bracket ~1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place LokiID 

Most Preferred Manager: the Best

Least Preferred Managerthe Worse

Edited by JhowCrazy

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IGN: Runehawk

Timezone: GMT + 5:30 (Indian Standard Time)

Fluff: Not really sure. Been here on MMO since 2013 but never really stayed on much. Now that I'm here, am up to showcase my pokes and my battles.

Most Preferred Manager: N/A

Least Preferred Manager: N/A

Edited by Runehawk

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IGN: Akshit

Timezone: GMT +5:30 (Indian Standard Time)

Fluff: Free Godspeed EV training and Leveling service to help the team.

Most Preferred Manager: Someone who can feed me pokes to train

Least Preferred Manager: Some who can't feed me pokes to train

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