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[PSL9] Player Registration

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IGN: Forfiter

Timezone: CET

Fluff: Don't bid a lot on a player who didn't enter an official in the last 8 months. I do have, however, a fucking army of pokemons viable for gen5 so I'll be prob more of a support rather than player. And if you already have doublej in your team you'd better not pick me

Most Preferred Manager: Jovi, Toast, Doc, Mkns, Parke, Goon

Least Preferred Manager: Kay, Kiz




Might be even less active than usual. Buy at your own risk

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IGN: SirDusty

Timezone: CST

Fluff: I guess you need this thing called "experience" to be a manager? weird concept, so I'll get some

Also I'm not good at DPP OU but I have been learning it the last couple of weeks. I faced gunthug like a year ago and killed 1 of his pokemon and thats a successful victory to me. Small battles win big battles?

Most Preferred Manager: toast

Least Preferred Manager: toast

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IGN: RealDevilLegend

TimeZone: GMT+1

Fluff: Decent results in tournaments, winner of some CC, finalist in some tournaments, experience in other gen VGC and can play any tier except LC.


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IGN: Rynners
Tiers: OU MMO

TimeZone: GMT+2
Fluff: well i played only psl 8 and only 3 matches because i was working, if you want to check me there is one of my duels in psl 8 youtube account
Preferred manger: Evlgoon, Mkns

Least Preferred Manager: there managers that i never talked with them but i have no problem to be on their team

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IGN: Kaerodactyl

Timezone: GMT +1

Fluff: Pick me if you wanna waste your credit.

Didn't play any official for 6 months and all my comps are outdated. I should def leave game around march (still awaiting my army's notice of meeting)

Most Preferred Manager: Daryl's mom

Least Preferred Manager: ___

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IGN: BurntZebra

Timezone: EST

Fluff: I don't really play the game, so I'll need comps from someone to play pokemmo tiers. I can still play any showdown tier though. I'm also a part of the small-medium council, so I can totally be biased for your team. 

Most Preferred Manager: any of the 6 managers that was on my top 8 list

Least Preferred Manager: no one, I love you all

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IGN: Hassyy

Timezone: Est (USA- New York)

Fluff: played about 2 seasons, was pretty fun. I usually go for about 1k and I do work worthy of a 20k+ player.

Most Preferred Manager: doc or forfi pretty cool people.

Least Preferred Manager: none

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IGN: Linken

Timezone: GMT+1 (Berlin)

Fluff: Probably most reliable and loyal player you can get. Atleast as long as I'm part of the team. Comparable to hiring a hitman i guess... lel

Most Preferred Manager: Idc

Least Preferred Manager: Idc

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IGN: Artemiseta

est time zone

prefer doubles cause the greatest but i can play whatever other than LC cause not a real thing 

manager i prefer: doc so i can practice, but doesnt matter much

Manager i dont want: doesnt matter to me


Edited by Artemiseta

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IGN: Souu

Timezone: Argentina

Fluff: I like listening Trap and Reggaeton. #FreeAnuel

Played on Psl 7 for giant legends with my previous account "soyhector"

Most Preferred Manager: your girlfriend on bikini

Least Preferred Manager: your mother on bikini

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