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[PSL9] Player Registration

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What is this?


This is the official thread for player's to register to play in the PokeMMO Super League Season 9 event. 


Who can sign up?


Anyone that plays PokeMMO and/or Showdown can register and play, so long as they have a  PokeMMO Forum account to do so.




If you sign up, you are required to participate and compete in PSL9 as a player. The role of a player is to abide by the manager who selected you and compete against other tiers from other teams. 




The selected tiers for PSL9 include MMO OU, MMO UU, MMO Doubles, Showdown DPP OU, and Showdown USUM LC


How do I register?


Simply fill-out the sheet below and post it in this thread. @gbwead will be managing a spreadsheet which includes all registered players. There is no longer a requirement to list which tier(s) you prefer to play. This will make it more difficult for managers to 





Most Preferred Manager:

Least Preferred Manager:


IGN indicates what your in-game name is. This is the name you use for your character in PokeMMO. You may include both your PokeMMO IGN and/or Showdown IGN. 

Timezone is the timezone for which you live. This helps managers better understand how and when they can communicate with you. 

Fluff is where you put any information you want in order to better your chances of getting picked in the auction.

Most preferred manager is simply that, feel free to list which manager you'd most like to play for. This does not mean this manager will select you, but it does add drama.

Least preferred manager is simply that, feel free to list which manager you'd list like to play for. This does not mean this manager cannot select you, but it does add drama. 


How do I get picked?


There will be a formal, public auction in approximately 1 week after this thread is opened which will pit managers against one another as they compete to get the best players from this list. 


How many players do we need?


We have 8 tiers and 8 managers/teams, thus we will need at minimum 64 sign-ups. I anticipate near 80-100 will sign. 


If I sign up, does that guarantee I will get to play?


Unfortunately, no. You will still have to get selected in the auction that will take place in around one week. This means it is in your best interest to make yourself known and to #flexxx your skills in the meantime. 


What if I am forum banned and cannot post?


Have another player contact me, or use another media outlet to give me your sign up. Once I've received confirmation that you want to play, I'll post on your behalf in this thread. 




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IGN: Suneet

Timezone: GMT

Tiers Played: MMO OU, MMO UU, SM LC, DPP OU (not very well)



Player since June 2016 (ik it's fairly recent compared to most players here, but counts for something, r-right?)


Played in Coolio's PSL 7 winning team The Human Caterpies, where I went 2-1 (winning in 2 tiers I didn't even play lel), including the final win in the finals vs Giant Legends




PSL 8, I played for Mike's Driftveil Dragonites. The two weeks he chose to play me I was gone on holidays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


I've done quite a bit of laddering on SM LC, built a few teams and hyped to try them out! Also have a fuckton of money so I can breed + lend comps (got boxes of them for OU/UU). Also an ex-EV trainer, can EV teammates' comps asap :)


Also a member of the greatest team on the server RISÉ, and I'd like to say I had some part in all those TT wins :)

Most Preferred Manager: No particular preference

Least Preferred Manager: yes the goon in very good


Reserving a first page signup =)

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IGN: MaatthewMLG

Timezone: GMT+1

Fluff: im gud when i want , want try psl experience 

Most Preferred Manager: DoctorBPJouk , LeJovi , Toast , K9 , MaeKaaay :(

Least Preferred Manager:  EVLGOON

Tier: PokeMMO OU , Dubs , UU  , Showdown DPP



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IGN: Zymogen

Timezone: GMT

Fluff: In PSL 7, I stormed onto the scene by slapping the fuck out of @eloyraptor and his shit Yawn Chansey on my debut. Season 8 was a season to forget (@Rynner's Hariyama still gives me nightmares) but I am now hungry to showcase what I'm truly made of. I can guarantee that you will buy me for next to nothing, and I will prove why that should be otherwise.


Most Preferred Manager: EVLGOON

Least Preferred Manager: Jovi (kekek)



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IGN: Zigh

Timezone: GMT+1

Fluff: Breakout player of Season 7 (5-2) and a huge letdown in season 8 (having my pc ded 2 seasons in a row is close to impossible). Dubs player who likes pizza and to bore people with weird calcs (Can play SD tiers too)

Most Preferred Manager: BestFrie... Oh wait

Least Preferred Manager: Hate them all equally 

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I dont have to give you reasons

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