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[PSL9] Manager Sign- Up Thread

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What is this?


Well to put it simply, it's where all the superstars of the PokeMMO Community come together and submit their application for being the leader, the go to, the crème de la crème of the PokeMMO Super League. This is the PSL Manager Sign-up thread, where you could potentially be the unsung hero of this season!


What is a PSL Manager?


A manager in the PSL has the highest responsibility of any competitor. Their responsibilities are darn near endless. From managing finances to personalities, it is your role to carry a team of random people from all over the world to the promise land; to motivate them week in and week out to win, even when they are 0-6 and you have almost no hope of making the playoffs. 


What do I need to know before I sign up?


Being a manager is not easy. It takes a lot of commitment and it takes a lot of skills that some of us frankly don't have. It also takes the stones to suck it up when shit isn't going your way and to understand the rules of the game. Here is a list of things to consider before signing up:


  1. Can I stay active through the whole season?
  2. Can I communicate well with my players?
  3. Can I handle team finances?
  4. Can I keep an eye on my players and those of the opponent?
  5. Do I have knowledge of the competitive scene and the players?
  6. Will I keep interest, even when I'm on the losing side?
  7. Do I understand and can I make my players understand the terms & conditions of the PSL?
  8. Will I maintain respect for my host and the decisions they make?
  9. Do I have the availability to manage a team, participate in a draft, and respond to the host whenever a question presents itself?


What do we do?


Well simply put, you state the best case for why you should be a manager in PSL Season 7 in this very thread. The template is below, but feel free to spruce it up a bit with your own creativity, because God Only Knows (GOK where art thou?!) we need it. 


IGN: post your in-game name here

PokeMMO Team:  post your in-game team here

Experience: post the number of PSL seasons you've been involved in, and whether you were a manager, player, host, winner, etc. 

Motivation: post why you want to be a manager this season and what you are willing to do to be a champion

Fluff: post anything and everything that might help this application be relevant 


How do I get selected to be a manager?


After a good handful of applications are submitted, I (the host) will meet with my small council, consisting of Gbwead, Rigamorty, and Burntzebra to select the managers of this season. There will be eight (8) managers selected in total, but just know that @LKrenz will be given the option to be a manager this coming season because he did one hell of a job in PSL8.


What does this mean? Well it means that if Lkrenz chooses to come back this season as a manager, we will only be picking seven (7) new managers this time around. So it isn't going to be easy for you. 


Anything else?


It is very prestigious to be selected as manager and quite frankly many good players will be left on the chopping block after the decision is made final. Please don't be upset if we don't pick you. You likely had a very wonderful application but there was just something about the players selected that put them just one step ahead of the game. 



Now without further ado, let's start this season =)

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IGN: overToasted

PokeMMO Team:  [SASS] lol but we dead fam

Experience: 9 including this season, x2 champion, unfortunately stuck on coolio's team for 3 of those 9.

Motivation: I was 100% robbed of a manager spot last season because mr. shitcoolio stole my spot, then proved to everyone that he couldn't manage cause we ended up last. this season i'd like to redeem my chances as manager to prove that ill be the best fuckin manager ever. after taking so many Ls as a player, i gotta prove i can get those Ws as a manager. i was also captain on several teams so i know the likes of managing and the shit that you gotta deal with behind it, but i aint no uguu. 8 seasons as a player takes a toll on you, i might be the only OG psl player that hasn't been a manager yet, so yeah i know my shit. im familiar with the comp scene, and even tho this isnt fully gen 5, or gen 7, or whatever gen we're calling the meta, i'm familiar with practically everything

just give me manager please ill even buy coolio just to bench him

Fluff: 2 OT Shiny Laprases, on the same day same month but a year apart, real skill tbh

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IGN: Nahwel

PokeMMO Team: Líve

Experience: never played psl :v

Motivation: I like the shit of being a manager but my bad english would not allow me to be, so, you say "why you inscribe for this if you know you cant talk with your players correctly and you dont have experience?" just 1 reason, @Mlhawk order me :v

Fluff: nothing                                                                                                                            "soy argentino pecho frio pierde finales"

Edited by Nawe

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IGN: Mkns

PokeMMO Team: [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra ~ Co-Leader / Co-founder


  • I started playing in 2013, but PSL 7 was my first PSL; I was bought by TheFireLion and, even though we ended up last, I enjoyed every aspect of the event.
    Since then, I always get hyped up whenever a new season is about to start.
  • I was bought by Oldkeith in PSL 8 and we finished 3rd, but I believe we could have gone further!
  • By co-leading SIÂ, I have gained a lot of managing experience and I believe I am capable of inspiring my players to give their all.
  • I play and know all mmo tiers, so I think I can help my players.


I like new challenges. I might not have a lot of PSL experience yet, but in the last two seasons,II learned a lot from my managers and I believe I could do an excellent job if I was selected. I want to win PSL 9 as a manager! I really like tournaments and events involving different teams and people. For this reason, I feel I know quite well the players from our competitive community.


I'm active and here to win.II speak French, English, Dutch and Arabic.

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Posting on behalf of Jovi:


IGN: LeJovi


PokeMMO Team:  SaKé


Experience: I’ve been involved since PSL5 as a player, got robbed of manager last season because I was forum banned which honestly was kinda lame, because I know I’d make a great manager and so did everyone else. Motivation: I’m tired of looking at so many bad managers get picked for X shit reason, and I just want to see glory with the guys I pick and help out in anything I can. Yes, I took a 3 month break but I’m back and ready. I know the meta and I’m active in-game. I can literally communicate with everyone in the game and I know everyone. Y’all know that.


Fluff: Toast is bad. NORE was the best team ever created. I’ve lead a team to winning a TT and I know what it takes, time to show it while doing it on a PSL team. I might be forum banned but discord is still a thing…so communication won’t be an issue. No, Axoa doesn’t coach me.

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IGN: evlgoon

Pokemmo team: none

Experience: I was in the last psl as a player and was pretty successful winning 5 in a row and help leading my team to a first round bye in the playoffs. Unfortunately playoffs didn't go our way and we ultimately came in third place but i was there to help my teammates every week with scouting reports and team building advice. I've been around the competitive community for a while now and know all the players and the tiers well. 

Fluff:  Im here to win the whole thing and talk trash to clowns like blackjovi and coolio while my team stomps them and whatever other weak managers that might be selected. Ill be there for my team every weak for teambuilding advice as well as giving them access to any comps they might need.  Im also confident that i can draft a better team than anyone because im active and know i can find hidden gems that some of the older player base wont be aware of. 

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2 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

IGN: fredrichnietze

PokeMMO Team:  bushido

Experience: played in most of the psl's won 2 iirc? maybe 3? managed once before

Motivation: i actually want to play vgc, but i hear you have had some shit managers in the past so if you NEED a good manager im willing.

Fluff: fred facts. the job title fluff refers to the girl or guy who's job it is to keep the "actors" "ready" in adult films. 


also once upon a time a ran a dnd thing for kids ages 12-18 where we had at times 50 kids with no parents and i had to make them all behave and sit down put away their phones and play a game that is based on math on paper with no authority while also teaching people how to play the game and actually dm'ing the game which i did so well that it grew and grew for years until i left and the whole thing fell apart and people started having sex in the library.


also the TC thing


also also been officers in half a dozen teams and a mod on discord


tl;dr organization and people skill 



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IGN: DoctorPBJ


PokeMMO Team:  Sake


Experience: I have been involved in every single damn season of PSL, winning 4 of them. Theoretically speaking I am the best player to have ever competed in PSL, seeing as two of the other members of the '4 win club' have won as manager where-as I have won all 4 as a player... eat your heart out frags/kingbowser/amanu/jj/nik/bluebreath/yubell/axoa/walpayer etc. Also the best doubles player of 2017 (tied with BaeKrenz) and currently the best for 2018... eat your heart out fred (fuck you). Simply put I have got the MMO experience, the pedigree, a previous season as a manager in which I defied all odds to earn a top 4 finish (fighting off the death of a player, earthquakes and buses), a strong history in Gen 5 from the land before MMO and unlike over half of the managers from last season, an actual background playing competitive in MMO. Also I won second in a seasonal


Motivation: Put it this way, after last seasons gong show and the fact I was thrown in as a 'reserve manager' I dont need any more motivation to show you uguues how its done. Fred signed up and god knows if he gets picked over me im going to fucking shit myself, and believe me I do not want to shit myself. I have shown in the past I will do whatever it takes to win, and ill be damned if I dont do that this time


Fluff: post anything and everything that might help this application be relevant..... so basically you are saying to not post anything about Kingbowser.... got it


No but seriously, im here to fuck shit up, fire shots like im on 0 warning points, white knight cheels and earn some green to buy new bike skins. 


If I get picked ill buy fred

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Keep the smacktalk in the General thread you nubs. Whilst I'm here


IGN ~ Kizhaz

Team ~ GM

Experience ~

  • All PSL club
  • Tied most PSL wins (Doc thinks winning as a player is good, kicked both his and Coolio's ass as a manager)
  • Sometimes did well in tournaments
  • Sometimes host tournaments lol

Motivation ~

Idk, been planning on signing up as a manager ever since being put in garbo tier last season and doing terribad. I enjoyed managing back in S6 but didn't take my spot in S7, probably should have or at the very least signed up for manager last season. Don't exactly have the comps nor been in touch with the comp scene lately (although I have the knowledge) so being a player would be meh. Gotta beat Coolio and Doc for top of most wins as well I guess


Fluff ~ If I'm not picked I can ban you

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IGN: MaeKaaay


PokeMMO Team: ÄURA



  • PSL 4 : Unexpected Flying Octillery (Playoffs)
  • PSL 5 : The Raging Lions (1st place)
  • PSL 6 : West High Knights then traded to Cuboned (Playoffs)
  • PSL 7 : [MISC] Aesthetics Crew then traded to VALE (Playoffs)
  • PSL 8 : Flocking Buzzwoles (Playoffs)

Motivation: Been a player for a while now and would be great to know what it is to be on the other side, i also want to prove myself that i can lead a team.
I learned a lot from the managers i played for : Doc was a monster in strategy, Keith was awesome for the organization, Kaynine made dank drafts, Coolio was bad (sorry bro haha), ...
So yh now i'd like to manage myself and add all the good aspect i have seen so far in my way to do things.


Fluff: Executive in ÄURA, won 3 TT with them, one can see me as a team player (would do anything for my players/teamates)

Edited by Maekaaay

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IGN: KaynineXL

PokeMMO Team:  LYLE



PSL Experience:

  • Season 3: Played under TJ with Team Narcissistic Nidokings. We got to playoffs.
  • Season 4: Played under TheFireLion with Team The Raging Lions. We took 1st place.
  • Season 5: Played under DoubleJ with Team The Mountain. We got to playoffs.
  • Season 6: Managed my own team Baenine's Canines. We took 2nd place and were the first to be undefeated in regular season.
  • Season 7: Managed my own team yet again with Team VALE. We got to playoffs after the best regular season performances ever done(6 wins, 1 draw).
  • Season 8: Played under TheChampionMike with team Driftveil Dragonites. We got to playoffs.

Competitive Experience:

  • Roughly 3 years PokeMMO competition experience.
  • Accumulated many official wins throughout my time playing competitively. See spoiler below.
  • Past experience in showdown tiers, especially DPP where I've have fairly good ratios in prior PSL seasons.

NU Friday ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - Bracket 
OU & NU Tag Team ~ 1st Place KaynineXL & Unclegyp - Bracket

The Rising Sun NU ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - Bracket

Taking 'Em By The Horn ~ 128 man ~ 2nd Place KaynineXL - Bracket
The Amazing Doubles Showdown ~ 128 man ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - Bracket
Another Summer Showdown ~ 128 man ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - Bracket

Kingler's Beach Party [NU] ~ 2nd Place KaynineXL - Bracket

Take It Slow, Bro [OU] ~ 2nd Place KaynineXL - Bracket

Dusclops's Trick House [OU] ~ 128 man ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - Bracket



  • I have plenty of cash which I'm willing to use if necessary. (go away destructx)
  • I have plenty of (old)comps which I'm willing to update if necessary.
  • I have lots of experience not just as a PSL player, but also as a manager.

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IGN: Parke

PokeMMO Team:  VVVV

Experience: I've participated in every season from PSL4 - helping out my teams and providing comps, helping with team builds and such for the past 3 seasons. Also have helped managers with alot of decisions in the 3 seasons aforementioned.

Motivation: I'm trash at playing so I figured why not manage and bribe my players to throw their matches so I can get rich from it. Nah jokes aside, I've wanted to manage for seasons past and my prior managers im sure can vouch to say I helped out a fair bit even when I wasnt manager (plus who else is guna represent the trashbois? clearly @EricTheGreat failed miserably at it)


I'm very active, have comps for every tier and play every tier so I think I could benefit a team should I be a manager as I understand all tiers and know most players fairly well.


Fluff: I have 20 ot shinies, that should speak wonders about how bad I am at comp

Edited by Parke

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IGN: Sebat

PokeMMO Team:  LØRÐ

Experience: Player of psl for 4 seasons I have 7 officials (2OU 2UU 2NU 1Doubles) and I win to giantpipe every time.

Motivation: Just for fun :)

Fluff: I was Boss in LKng, Co-Boss&Boss in DK, Co-Boss in ONIX and actually Boss in LORD.

Edited by Sebat

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IGN: SirDusty

PokeMMO Team:  SASS

Experience: absolutely nothing

Motivation: I suck at battling so hence never did psl, but I figure I can be a good manager

Fluff: I am not fluffy.

Literally copy pasted my entry from last year, maybe this is the year?


Also don't pick toast, he's dead in game. Myself and @Deadwind keep sass alive right now.

I pledge to buy good players and bench them. You can't have a good team without the bench being better.

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IGN: YungTor


MMo Team: Sake ew



S5 Houndooms

S6 Baenines

S7 manager of the 7th place Kakunas

S8 with maCHOKES


Motivation: After barely missing out on 9m a couple season ago im a lot hungrier and a lot poorer than before. First time i managed I had a lot of uh... Legal shit going on that kinda kept me distracted a lil and i couldnt put 100 into my team like i wanted . This time around everything is lit and I'm hype. PS just tell me how much i need to donate to get a spot again ;)


Fluff: The Rooney rules states that you have to at least interview minority candidates , and as im the only black person who plays this game that should at least get me in the door 


edit, look at this banner tho





I dont really wanna manage man, i just want the likes



Edited by Torinnnnn

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IGN: Tyrone


PokeMMO Team:  [VVVV]


Experience: Player in PSL Seasons 1 - 6 (Winner of PSL6). Resident ADV OU (Gen 3) Prodigy.



Motivation: After taking a sabbatical year off PokeMMO in 2017, I wish to make a comeback to the competitive scene in 2018. Since I am new to Gen 5 as a whole, being a PSL player isn't viable as there is no tier or format in the current metagame in which I feel comfortable. Recruiting the best players to my team, I will be able to give them a platform to succeed as competitive players while they in turn will help me figuring out the new metagame. Main motivation is the construction of a roster balanced with new and upcoming talent, alongside a few veterans. Where the upcoming talent is given an opportunity to grow and make a name for themself in the best PSL team of 2018.


Fluff: I have 1.5 years experience managing the official PokeMMO Tier Council.


Proven my trustworthiness and dedication to the game by being part of PokeMMO staff from 2014-2016 during which I have hosted over 15 Team Tournaments.

Managing people using clear communication and respect is a quality that I'm sure comes in valuable for the position of PSL Manager.

Drama and thrashtalk albeit fundamental to PSL, isn't something I will personally give in to as it would distract from the true goal, becoming champions.


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IGN: Pachima


Team: [RISÉ]


Experience:  Used to play showdown for a long time, until I found out pokemmo, back in 2013 (Bad choice, yeah I know). Been lurking at the competitive scene in this game, just to find out that even the worse gimmicks are enough to beat such plebs. (jk)

Decided to actively enter in the comp scene in PSL6.


Fluff: Top 1 in hackmons !


Motivation: I see managing a team way funnier, more arousing and competitive than to actually play for it. And after scrolling through 4 pages of C tier applications, I finally realized what PSL stood for - "Pitiful Sign up League"

          Its time to change this. Let´s make pokemmo superb again (Only great is for losers).

          I most of the time lack the determination when playing alone, but I am usually very committed when alongside other people, so I can promise to give it all for this spot. 

          Finally, I am seeing a lot of people saying: "If pleb A can join, then I can as well" Sadly, you won´t hear this from me, cause comparing oneself with plebs is not the way to go. Instead, my logo is: "If pleb A can join, then there is no reason for me not to"


Edited by pachima

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IGN: Havsha

Team: [Rise]

Experience: PSL V - 8, Executive and Co-Founder of Rise. 


Motivation: Since my boy Oltan is unable to take his spot as manager this season, Ill try and step up, as a co-founder of rnsc, and rise, I have managed to learn the necessary traits of teamwork, motivation and recruitment that is needed to create a strong, competitive team. It is no coincidence that Rise has in a span of a year grown to become the 4th/5th best team in PokeMMO history and the 2nd best of 2017, it was a product of my own, and my fellow executives' ability to keep a finger on the competitive pulse of this game. We did not rely on the old veterans that reside in teams like  aw, lyle, aura or rng, instead we were able to find hidden gems, who we were able to guide towards the path of greatness. I believe it is this keen eye on the competitive scene, that inherently provides me with the ability to form the strongest, most competitive team with the combinations of new players and old.

Although I may not have been a participant of PSL from the beginning, it has become increasingly clear to me that it has been transformed from a prestigious competitive event, into a poorly constructed canvas for smack talk and petty drama.  The very spirit of competition in psl has been misshaped into one of salty, uncompetitive behaviour. I believe this is one of the key reasons contributing towards the poor activity losses, and the decrease interest in last psl's play offs. As Tyrone stated, I refuse to take part in the drama and the trashtalk, and I encourage everyone else too follow in suit. Instead I'll focus on creating a strong competitive ethos within my team. 


Fluff: Stop making PSL about petty dramas and trashtalk, bring back the old competitive spirit

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IGN: Giantpipe

PokeMMO Team:  LORD

Experience: I have been involved in 3 or 4  season of PSL, like a player and manager.
 I m the first manager from team latino (aw), now i want mi revenge because like manager and player i never won ( 2 finals,2 semis , best player nu ,  its my history in psl).


Motivation: well i want a win a psl , like always i win my son kayninez, sebat,  like others 

pd : kayninez  i rekt many time i lost count 

sebat: well jajaja my bro ...hahaha 

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IGN: ApacheCopter


PokeMMO Team: none




Went into Pokemmo in 2013. Back then everything was possible. When Silph Co's crown were balancing mostly between Aw & Lyle.When you (I) could 6/0 the steroid man we used to name Raaidn. When you could see BurntZebra annoying everybody  with calc and bullsh*t  theory (glad you grew up kidd0). It was the time KingBowser was good. Was.


I gladly remember the rivalry between the teams though. When watching the bracket was enough to make a hype, quickly followed by thrash talking. Nowadays you thrash talk to make the hype.

Time has changed. Newbie we knew became kings. Old time champions became thrash, inactive, or at best "ok". Jajaja raised from nowhere, spamming chat like no man did before begging for Yens, ending up winning tournaments.




I've faced and trained against the best players since I created my account. I've been coached and I coached  many of the old champs, and the new. Won tourneys. Even if I did good in PSL as a player, I didn't win manly due to absolute garbage managers.




As I previously mentioned, I'm here to build the best team ever and become the best manager PSL ever knew. I'm kind of frustrated as I see poorly managed team over the years. Names everyone knows like Doc who's probably going to be selected even though we all know he's the worst (Fred aside).




I do know subscribing with this identity is kind of unexpected or risky. Some would even say irrelevant or stupid. But you guys have to understand what I got in mind. I want to prove everybody that you don't need old time based fame to get elect. You don't need people who PRETEND to give a d*mn sh*t to be manager. You don't need these guys we see over and over and losing over and over.

What you guys need is a real manager, someone who knows how to lead a group to victory. Someone fresh, not corrupted. Someone who's able to see the best in each of you. You need someone made of steel and swag. You need an Apache Attack Helicopter.

I was literally build to win wars.




I speak many languages.


Some trivias:


Fact n°1: Might have thrashed a bit Lyle but in fact I love you guys, especially K9, JJ, Nik and dis GoldenEyes playing NUs in OUs, you're going places man I love you.

Fact n°2: I want to see Lion VS Raaidn.

Fact n°3: I’m funny.


Question n°1 : Who ever believed in CIX ?

Question n°2 : Is Sweet ever alive ?

Question n°3 : Where is DesX?

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IGN: Bestfriends

PokeMMO Team:  AURA



Reviewed countless match replays whilst doing tournament commentaries on the Roy Rogers News channel since 2015 which will help me massively when picking out the best possible team.


I've also been trying out competitive battles when I can.


Motivation: I've been receiving requests for manager for quite some time and I think that I am ready to take on the challenge.

Fluff: It is my honour to be PokeMMO's news reporter.

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