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  1. 1. Which is the best fire starter?

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Zard will always be the GOAT

And Blaziken was cool too but then all them fight / fire starters together are a just poor reflection of how much Nintendo is out of originality & ideas.

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8 hours ago, ThePrettyPetard said:

Definatly flareon cuz if it isn't an eeveelution it's not the best

or kling is good too

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I honestly think Chimchar is the better Fire Type, as he has more type effectiveness in his region and compared to the others a better competitive pokemon. Charizard is at a major disadvantage until the third badge. And say somehow he evolved before hand, then yeah, you’re in trouble. And fire types don’t really shine in Kanto. Typlosion was probably at it’s best in Gen 2 with the combined Special Stats, and the lack of Special Physcial Split which makes moves like Thunder Punch, insanely strong. But due to the Gen V mechanics in the game he loses a bit of his awesomeness. However he does very well with Sprout Tower, Azelea, but is hit hard by Rollout thanks to Whitney. And competitively, he is a bit lackluster.  As for Blaziken, while Mega Evolution and his ability Speed Boost makes hm borderline OP, Mega Evolution doesn’t exist in the site, and he doesn’t get that boost. Chimchar does well in Sinnoh, by evolving into Monferno to take down the firsts gym, and obliterates the second. And can stand a good chance in the third, especially with Mayelne’s Lucario. Infernape in an exceptionable glass cannon with great speed and equal Attack and Special giving him a lot of viability. And he is a great competive Pokemon, that doesn’t use up a Mega Evolution to be awesome. Emboar, is bulky and slow which is probably it’s greatest weakness. It has great attack, but tends to kill himself with moves like Flare Blitz. 

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