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Hello everyone

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Hey, I hope we meet each other in-game soon!  :D

I have his sprite on tape if you wish to see it.



Squirtle, I didn't know you had a thread until now (better late then never). Thank you for appearing in one of my videos! That was one of more euphoric moments I had in game. Thank you for providing us a nice social environment to play Pokemon with. TeamSpeak was interesting as well, thank you for providing the community a place where we can banter with each other. Thank you for also letting me have a clandestine channel on TeamSpeak as well (as much as I love the community, there are times that I would rather be in a private room). You have directly galvanized Pokemon fans like me with other Pokemon players. I cannot fathom the difficulty to be the controller of the game and at the same time try to entertain the community. Thank you for amassing the community with enthusiasm and vicissitudes to the game. I hope this game increases in popularity, and allot to amassed entertainment and become more and more fervent.


I sometimes see Kudasai follow you around on TeamSpeak, so I figured I would compose a paragraph about him as well,


Kudasai, thank you for helping out Squirtle in maintaining TeamSpeak. Thank you for letting the community (and I) have the privilege to adorn our sprites with your helmet (it makes my sprite look more masculine). I also thank you for that duel we had back in that video with Squirtle (that Latios, way too OP) and for porting me to the Old Man's Lawn (the Daycare). Thank you for for letting me have the privilege to feature you on my channel (the daycare and the interview). Thank you for also making a surprise appearance to my base (it was another euphoric moment in this game as well). I appreciate you taking the time to enjoy the community and at the same time, assisting Squirtle in taking charge of TeamSpeak (I like to call it, The Mega Cellular Phone for PokeMMO or MCPP). Thank you for your service as a Sr. GM and as a player.


[spoiler](if I have the time, I should compose more paragraphs about the staff members and close friends I met in game)[/spoiler]

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