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Hello everyone

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I will steal your Everstone and eat it in front of you.

Squirtle needs no Everstone. He has the power to stop his own evolution!


Hi Squirtle  :)



By the way squirtle, can i come on your yacht with you and desu, while you teach me to ride bikes


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Hmm I am bored tonight so I decided to greet both new and old MMOers, although if I greet the old ones it just get hidden so you would do. We've met on a few occasions but that wont stop me from welcoming you officially here as well (although as silly as it is that I would welcome you who've been around for so much more time)


First I thought about making some joke about your name been Ryan and the movie Save Private Ryan, then I decided against it because you most likely would've heard the joke in one or another way before. (How often do you hear those jokes about your name anyway?) And how often are they at least a tiny bit original?


Also, I offer this to anyone I welcome to the forums so although you might even not be the slightest interested in this nor may I have anything to say that you wouldn't already know even if you did find it interesting, I will let you know that you are free to take contact in game and ask me any questions you would have about competitive play. However I would not give you an exact EVspread to run a certain pokemon (as I believe there is more ways than 1 to run any pokemon) but rather tell you what I use to do when I pick a EVspread for a competitive pokemon so that you can do something close to the same.


Have fun playing and just a taster of the tip I could be giving, EVtrain attack at heracross/shroomish (100% encounter rate with level 15 repeller lead) as a shiny of those would be worth way more (although that isnt very likely) and every heracross do give +2 atk. Saves you quite some time when EVtraining more than 1 pokemon, even compared to gyarados pool.


P.S. If I am not online, feel free to PM me and I do my best to reply.

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Hello everyone,
My name is Ryan and I am one of the staff here at PokeMMO. Other than immersing myself in the Pokemon world I love to stay active by going backpacking and riding my bike. I try to ride at least 100 miles a week but sometimes I get lazy smile.png.

So I guessing Squirtle your favorite Pokemon?

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