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Get rid of crafting



I constantly feel myself becoming frustrated with my lack of basic Pokemon necessities, such as Full Restores or Max Potions, and I instinctively go to the nearest Pokemart to buy these, only to realize that "oh yeah you can't buy them anymore". I then went to look into the whole crafting thing and I find that it is total BS. The fact that I have to now grind for various parts just to get one damn full restore, while gym leaders are able to use like 3 of them in a battle at any given time, is completely unfair. I might be missing something as to why crafting was implemented to begin with, but the old system of buying these necessities in Pokemarts seemed far more practical in my opinion. Does anyone actually enjoy the crafting system? Also, this crafting system has led to an unrealistic pricing of basic medicine items in Pokemmo, which is exemplified through the GTL:





How the hell is an average player expected to be able to afford a decent sum of these items through a casual play through? 

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I am a tiny bit wary when it comes to PP-ups and PP-maxes because they can influence competitive play and I don't have too much to comment about the time and money that goes into playing competitive, but it just seems really stupid that maingame Pokemon healing items are hidden behind what is essentially a minigame that requires you to play farmville and dedicate your life to playing this game at specific parts of the day while either memorizing or taking the time to look up a guide to learn the horrid berry system to eventually slowly make these items.

It's flat out artificial difficulty if the AI trainers (specifically Elite 4 and gym leaders) can spam what is essentially a $10K-$30K item every single battle, giving out a payout that would make you go negative if you tried to use even one of these items per battle yourself. Not to mention the details to where round 1 Elite 4 and Gym leader members are having BP reward only items being held on their team, and are having insanely favorable natures and IV's when they are giving you a 15IV neutral nature starter that has accumulated the most random EV's for the duration of the game.

Is it also expected too that "beginner" players are also supposed to use the same system to buy berries to lower their EV's and pour even more money just for a lousy round 1 Elite 4 battle?

I like the new Elite 4 changes to where you're healed after every battle for round one, but only because the other parts of the Elite 4 are pretty overpowered right now.

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16 hours ago, Anthrazit said:

The main scource for the price of those - the berry powder needed - will be reduced by 50%
Until the next update we need
1) to not buy PP Ups/Max if not needed urgently
2) to sell all PP Ups/Max that we don't need

How can you sell PP Up/Max PP Up if you tell us not to buy them?

Throwing them to a NPC to sell is also a huge waste.

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1 hour ago, Kite said:

How can you sell PP Up/Max PP Up if you tell us not to buy them?

Throwing them to a NPC to sell is also a huge waste.

I simply listed the rational choices if a fall in prices is to be expected.

I personally neither use PP Ups/Max nor to I hoard any. I might possibly craft some after a drop in berry powder needed.

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I think crafting accessability is an issue. Having to locate an npc to view the recipes and have him craft it for you, without any directions from storyline or game feels unnatural. 

A personal crafting interface accessable anywhere would make more people aware of the function and creates the sensation of actually crafting something yourself as opposed to talking to an npc vendor

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