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Changelog: 24/12/2017

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  • Christmas 2017
    • The North Pole is a level 50~100 Co-Op Dungeon accessible from December 24th until January 15th.
      • This instance requires a FireRed ROM to be installed. Speak to Santa in Saffron City to be transported to the North Pole.
      • Collect Big Robot Parts, Small Robot Parts, and Children's Presents to exchange for Xmas Presents filled with loot and cosmetics exclusive to Christmas 2017.
      • 2 players are required to enter this instance.
        • Right-click on a friend and press the "Invite to Link" button to create a Link.
      • Levels for this instance scale from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 100. The instance's level is based on the highest level of either player's party.
      • Protip: You can't use Ocarinas in instances. Don't forget your HMs!
  • General
    • Improved fidelity of NDS sound emulation
      • The MIDI engine is now deprecated, and has been removed for NDS regions.
  • Gift Shop
    • The following Limited items are now available for the duration of the Christmas 2017 holiday:
    • Penguin Hat / Penguin Suit 9oYUrwy.gifbQrOZI3.png


  • Berries
    • Leppa Berry yields have been reduced from 6~7 to 5~7
    • Figy/Wiki/Mago/Aguav/Iapapa/Cornn/Magost/Rabuta/Nomel Berry yields have been reduced from 6~7 to 4~7
    • Watering requirements for Figy/Wiki/Mago/Aguav/Iapapa/Cornn/Magost/Rabuta/Nomel/Leppa Berry plants are now the same as 16h plants (Cheri/Chesto/etc.)
    • Pomeg/Kelpsy/Qualot/Hondew/Grepa/Tamato Berry yields have been reduced from 8~10 to 7~9
    • Lum/Sitrus/Micle/Custap/Jaboca/Rowap/Enigma Berry yields have been reduced from 8~10 to 7~10
    • Liechi/Ganlon/Salac/Petaya/Apicot Berry yields have been reduced from 11~13 to 10~13

Bug Fixes

  • Preliminary Java 9 support
    • Java 9 support is currently considered unstable and may cause client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where tournament prizes couldn't select Gen 4+ moves during prize claiming
  • Fixed an issue where follower sprites wouldn't show correctly when relogging
  • Steel Gem move tutors have been changed to require Metal Coats
  • Fixed an issue where Unova's EXP gain would apply to daycares of Hoenn/Kanto
  • Fixed an issue where Kanto's Elite 4 money rate was less than intended
  • Fixed an issue where Unova's Elite 4 rematch pinning would not work correctly in some circumstances
  • Fixed Hidden Power Base Power (for realsies this time)
  • Fixed an issue where, in JP locales, if the character mode was Kanji, certain strings wouldn't be shown
  • Fixed an issue where form sprites wouldn't show correctly when evolving
  • Fixed several issues with effectivity indicators
  • Fixed an issue where ability pills could be consumed on targets with 1 possible ability
  • Fixed an issue where untradeable Everstones wouldn't pass down Natures during breeding
  • Fixed Magic Guard / Pain Split interaction
  • Fixed Shelmet availability during Winter
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30/12/2017 Changelog:



  • For the storyline matchup, player parties are now healed after each victory against an Elite 4 trainer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ocarina usage
  • Various Xmas 2017 fixes
    • This also changes the event's duration to end on the 15th, instead of the 25th. Apologies for the misinformation in the last post.
  • Fixed an issue where dungeons could be entered solo

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