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[PSL9] Season Baen9neXL - THE HYPE THREAD

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What is the PSL?

The PSL is the PokeMMO Super League.

It's an exciting, team based event which features the best players in PokeMMO.

And this is the official HYPE thread.








Expected Tiers?

OU / OU / OU / UU / UU / LC / Dubs / DPP





Small Council?





Expected Changes?

Draft... Updated.

Midseason... Gone.

Doubles... Uno.


NU... Next Season.

Other stuff? Sure.


What do we need to start?

A bunch of donations, seriously, send it by mail to "VegetaJJ"

Staff to reveal OU usage so we can have a legit UU tier... @Munya

Devs to release all basic abilities and moves, we can work around missing items... @Kyu

HYPE on Facebook... @Squirtle


Oh and did I mention donations?

Please send them.

This event is a player ran event that is also player funded.


Any questions? Post below and we'll get back to you.

Please refer to the linked thread below for background on the PSL.





*Credits to Lord @eggroll for the dankest PSL logo of all time. 

Edited by DoubleJ

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  • KaynineXL - 6M
  • Rigamorty - 5.2M
  • Nahwel - 3.5M
  • Kaerodactyl - 3.2M
  • Gunthug - 3M
  • DoubleJ - 2M
  • EVLGOON - 1.5M
  • Parke - 1.5M
  • Giantpipe - 1.2M
  • Bilburt - 1M
  • Lkrenz - 1M
  • Maekaaay - 1M
  • Mkns - 1M
  • Nahwel - 1M
  • LeJovi - 500k
  • Predakiller - 400k
  • Aimi - 250k
  • DoctorPBC - 250k
  • TiTooo - 10k
  • Docwasfuckingwrong - "a placeholder for 1M"


Total: 33.50M



Reward Breakdown: 

  • The winning manager and players will receive an equal share of the prize pool 
  • Awards will be given to the following at the end of Week 7
    • Best Overall Player (Voted by the Managers)
    • Breakout Player of the Season (Voted by the Managers)
    • Best Manager (Decided by the Admin Team)
    • The following awards will also be given and voted on by the Admin Team:
      • Best OU Player
      • Best UU Player
      • Best Doubles Player
      • Best DPP OU Player
      • Best Gen 7 LC Player
  • It is at the host's discretion to hold any additional events or prizes throughout this season which could award from the overall prize pool.
  • Any individuals whom assist in the success of the PSL may be awarded from the prize pool. This includes but is not limited to sig makers, usage gatherers, and snitches.


*** The end of season awards will also be presented with signatures


Edited by DoubleJ

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General PSL Rules:





The PSL host is the conductor of the entire event. Their responsibilities are endless and they have the final say in any decision. They organize every aspect of the PSL and ensure that rules are met, competition is adequate, and the event is fun for everyone involved.

In order to be host, you should at the very least approach the prior hosts, ThinkNice, OrangeManiac, Gunthug, DoubleJ, and/or Burntzebra to ask for their blessing. ThinkNice is dead though (sorta), so ignore him. At the very least a future host should command the respect of the community, be well trusted, and have the willingness to commit a lot of time to make this event truly special. Organizational skills are a must and being able to delegate duties is always a plus.



Small Council


In order to protect the host from public outcry, it is recommended that they create a “small council” of pre-selected members of the community, preferably a diverse group with prior PSL experience. The small council will assist the host with difficult decisions such as assigning activity wins, punishments, and any unforeseen circumstances. The primary goal here is to eliminate any bias.





A manager in the PSL is the leader of their team and carries the most responsibility outside of the host and his/her small council. A manager will conduct the draft, determine a weekly roster, and motivate their players to succeed and stay motivated to play week in and week out. They maintain their team’s finances and they participate in the midseason auction. Any trades are made and accepted by the managers. Managers need to ensure that their players follow the rules and are updated about any changes that might occur. They are also responsible for notifying the host of any necessary substitutions that need to be made. They also watch for possible inactivity by their players and ensure that their matches are played throughout the season. All correspondence between the manager and the host should be made by personal message, so that it is documented and saved accordingly. Managers are selected subjectively by the host and if present, his/her small council. By accepting a position as manager, you accept that any decision by the host is final and that you will follow the rules. You also accept that you cannot play as a player and can only represent your team through administrative decisions.


Keep in mind that eight managers will be selected per season and that the prior season’s champion retains the right to return as manager. All other selections will be made during the preseason manager selection process.



Team Captain


A team captain is chosen by his/her manager after the preseason auction is completed. A team captain cannot be released and are responsible for helping his/her manager throughout the season. If a manager needs to take a short leave of absence, the team captain can act in their place.





A player signs up for the PSL to compete in duels and represent his/her team on a weekly basis in order to win the grand prize at the end of the season. Players join the PSL by signing up in the “Player Registration” thread during the preseason and will be selected by a manager during the auction. Players are at the mercy of their manager, who will select which tiers they play and even whether they play at all. It is recommended though that managers and players work together throughout the season for the best possible outcome.


PSL players are the backbone of this event and we need a diverse group to ensure success. Past players have joined from every corner of the planet and have found a ton of enjoyment by meeting new players and challenging themselves to play in a high stakes event.


When you join the PSL, you are agreeing to play for any manager that selects you in the auction and that you are committed to playing throughout the entirety of the season. You will also follow the rules provided and will respect the host’s decision. Note that if you do not follow the rules you are subject to being banned indefinitely.






The preseason events will include the manager selection period, player registration, and the auction. Other events that might occur will be released prior to the start of the season. Any prizes for said events will be removed from the total PSL prize pool.




Preseason Trades


Managers are not allowed to make trades prior to the start of the season. Each manager will have an equal opportunity to obtain players prior to the start of the season.


Manager Selection


A thread will be opened that will explicitly state the rules involved in this process, but in summary players from the community will submit an application to participate as a manager for the PSL. Once the application period has ended, the host and his/her small council will select eight managers for the season and a formal announcement will be made afterward. Reminder that the champion of the most recent PSL will automatically be given a chance to return as manager.


Player Registration


A thread will be opened that will explicitly state the rules involved in this process, but in summary players from the community will submit their names, favored tiers, in-game team, and time-zone for which they live. The players who register will represent the PSL player base and will be selected in the auction to fill out the various teams. We’re aiming for roughly 100 registrations per season, but a minimum of 80 should suffice in an 18-tier, 8-team system. Realize that not all players that register will be able to play.


Preseason Player Selection Process



The preseason player selection process can be conducted in one of three ways: an auction, where managers use credits to bid on players; a draft, where managers select players in a pre-assigned order; or a hybrid system, where several rounds are conducted as draft with the remaining done as an auction. Is at the discretion of the host to select which format is used during the season.




Regular Season


The regular season will consist of seven weeks of play and will be completed in a round robin format with each team playing each other once. At the end of these seven weeks of play the best teams will advance to the playoffs.




A team’s roster is submitted by their manager before the start of each week and will include a list of which players will play each tier. Any player can be placed in any position, regardless of their record, in order to gain an advantage over their opponent.




A credits-based system will be implemented which can be used in several ways prior to the start of the season and during. It is at the discretion of the host to determine how credits will be used for the season. Credits are typically provided to managers and they can be used to purchase players in the auction and make trades throughout the season.


Regular Season Trades


Trades are allowed in the PSL. Managers are given the right to offer other managers trade packages in order to better their team. Specific rules for each season will be released prior to the start of that season.


Scheduling a Match


It is the responsibility of each player to schedule their match with their opponent for the week. It is recommended that the primary method of contact be done using the forum messaging system, but if your opponent’s inbox is full please contact them by posting on their forum profile. In-game whispers with screenshots will not be taken into account when activity decisions are made by the host as these can be easily manipulated. All matches must be completed in their allotted week as the season must move forward. Extensions for matches will be given only under rare circumstances.


Activity Decisions


If a match is not completed, the host will have to decide between awarding an activity win or declaring the match a no contest. This is largely a subjective process, but players that put forth the necessary effort to get a match scheduled will typically be rewarded with an activity win. The small council will be involved in these decisions to help prevent bias as stated previously.



If a player is unable to compete during the week, a manager has the right to substitute that player out of the line-up in exchange for one of his bench players. Any player that has been subbed out will be inactivated for the remainder of that week. The goal of the PSL is to have every match played in their allotted weeks, but unforeseen events do occur. If a manager is able to make a substitution in order to have the match played, the host will ensure that it happens otherwise this will be deemed “inappropriate behavior” for match evading and that manager may risk losing by an activity decision.


Free Agency


Throughout the season, players that were not selected in the preseason player selection process will be given the opportunity to join the PSL as free agents, where managers can purchase them with their excess credits. The free agency period will be open typically until Week 5, although it is at the host’s discretion to continue free agency for a longer period.




Tiers will be selected by the host, but must include primarily PokeMMO tiers. This is a PokeMMO event, and thus PokeMMO tiers should be used. Regardless, hosts may select Showdown tiers to supplement and diversify this event. Tiers will be presented by the host prior to player registration.


Midseason Auction



The midseason auction will be discontinued henceforth, although it is at the host’s discretion to reinstate this event if wanted.





The top six teams, based on record, will move on to the playoffs in order to play for the seasonal championship. The tournament will be held in a single elimination format and the top two teams will be given a bye in the first round. The winning team will receive a significant reward for being the champions.




The host has final say in any and all decisions. There is no appeal process in the PSL as the event must move forward on a weekly basis.




As a participant in the PSL, you will maintain respect for your host, manager, teammates, opponents, and for yourself at all times. Any unnecessary or excessively inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action.




The host has the right to ban a player for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, quitting the PSL unexpectedly, inappropriate behavior, and/or attempt(s) at cheating. The length of a ban will be decided upon by the host.




It is understandable that unforeseen and/or unprecedented events can and will take place. With that in mind, the host will make decisions as best he/she can. Remember, the host has final say in all decisions. Each season we learn from these type of events and hope to remedy them through rule changes and adjustments. Be patient and remember, this is an unofficial and player ran event. We have our flaws and no decision is perfect.



Further rules will be listed which are specific to PSL9. 

Edited by DoubleJ

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How soon are you expecting to start this, roughly any idea @DoubleJ? because Imo LC is pretty unplayable atm without eviolite or banning like at least 10 things.


hype tho

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19 minutes ago, Parke said:

How soon are you expecting to start this, roughly any idea @DoubleJ? because Imo LC is pretty unplayable atm without eviolite or banning like at least 10 things.


hype tho

I mean competitively speaking, everything is kinda unplayable. I would hope this holds off until at least moves and abilities are working, shouldn't take too long r-right guys

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Just now, Kizhaz said:

I mean competitively speaking, everything is kinda unplayable. I would hope this holds off until at least moves and abilities are working, shouldn't take too long r-right guys

I think we can all agree when I say soon 

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9 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

Expected Tiers?

OU / OU / OU / UU / UU / LC / Dubs / DPP / VGC




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Will there be a designated donation thread or is this the donation thread?

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20 minutes ago, BurntZebra said:

Wow no mention of me and no SM OU for me? I guess I'll have to sit this one out

You're dead. Sorry brobeans. 


1 hour ago, Bilburt said:

Will there be a designated donation thread or is this the donation thread?

Note my one little reserve. 

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Traveled across the great Pacific Northwest and finally checked my mail. Donations updated boys. 

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