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limit suggestion box to 1 per 24 hour day per account





seems pretty self explanatory. if you're a newish player just waiting to unleash your 1000 suggestions without bother to check if any of these have been done before, this sort of thing will force the player to stop and think about what suggestions are actually valuable and limit themselves. maybe even learn how to search before they release thousands of post spamming up suggestion box. and who here has actually had 2 actually good suggestions that were posted in the same day and implemented? in the event you have two, why not wait a day and think over it before posting the second? 

and if you have a thousand, lol k.

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No. It is not against the rules to have a duplicate thread for a suggestion. We do not have any interest in limiting suggestions simply because a few players post a lot. Furthermore it is not up to you to really decide if a suggestion is worthwhile. Whilst you can up vote to give the development team an idea of what players want, the end decision is theirs if they implement a suggestion or not.

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