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Small quality of life request:


When using an in-game boat to journey to Hoenn, instead of spawning us here:


Could we be spawned into the region here:


It is indeed incredibly minor, but spawning us in the location of the second image means we can immediately use the fly and go where we need to. Hoenn is the only region that doesn't allow us to fly the second we go to the new region. it's only 4-5 seconds added but over the course of changing regions many many times it can add up.

I can definitely live without this change, but I'd appreciate it if it was added at some point. thanks for reading.

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Sry for my hand writing but quite hard to write with a mouse.. So, maybe tweaked a bit and going inside is to go to lilycove boat. Outside will be the region sailing port. Such then u come go freely like in the other regions. 

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