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Evo stones

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56 minutes ago, IDKPRO said:

I know this isn't about an evo stone. But, any one know where to find the floating balloon thing.. 


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12 hours ago, Matoka said:

Did 155 encounters with Pickup Meowth, got the following results:

  • 1 Leftovers
  • 2 Miracle Seeds
  • 4 Leaf Stones
  • 7 Sun Stones
  • 11 Revival Herbs
  • 1 Rawst Berry
  • 1 Aspear Berry


I did not find a Dawnstone, maybe I was unlucky but I sat down trying to get a screenshot of it dropping and couldn't.
If it does indeed drop like you say it seems quite rare, but simply cause there's no evidence of it dropping being shown I'm just voicing a tiny bit of sceptical caution towards the Berry Forest claim.

Hopefully we get some proof of it dropping somewhere.

i spent like 2 hours and finally got one. it's really rare.

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