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PokeMMO Generation 5 OU Competitive guide [Discontinued]


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Welcome to OU competetive guide. In this thread the most common movesets for OU Pokemon will be listed to help new players to get a gist of the metagame. Any comments, opinions etc. are welcome.

Dugtrio BST: 425 (35/100/50/50/70/120)   - Dugtrio is the ultimate support Pokemon you want to use if there ever is some Pokemon Dugtrio can trap that causes your team some problems. Na

Mienshao BST: 510 (65/125/60/95/60/105)   - Mienshao is quite an interesting case of a glass cannon Pokemon with an ability Regenerator. This ability recovers one third of the Pokemon's

32 minutes ago, kikodasneves said:

is it updated already?


I have the write ups for Chomp and Rotom-Wash ready. Just gotta transfer them in here at some point. Maybe re-read some other write ups and see if they need fixing. So soon, probably.

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