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Possible solution to GTL issues



* If you aren't aware what I'm referring to, please read https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/73580-what-happens-to-current-gtl-listings/  specifically the more recent posts (pages 2-3)


The best solution I can think of is to allow players to have personal shops, maybe with a fee or a requirement to start them/keep them active.

For example you list pokemon/items to your own shop for a fee, people can find your shop through the same drop-down menu used to battle players.

I think this would increase incentive for interaction among players, free up the GTL for its intended purpose and allow the people who primarily are into trading to continue doing so.


I think it would be nice to be able to either link your shop into trade chat, or if the ability to link isn't wanted then arrange a meetup if people want things you have. This would also allow people to browse shops in popular areas or if they stumble across somebody.


let me know what you think or how you think this idea could be improved

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i feel like linking your shop to trade chat would be more anoying than anything else you could maybe have all the shop of people online listed somewhere insted but your idea could be really interesting to have roaming trader on the map that you could just click on to check the stuff they are selling this could add a nice immersion into the game while making it more fun for the trader

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