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Elite 4 totally broken

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2 minutes ago, XelaKebert said:

Run it with 6 lvl 1 Smeargle to start off, or 6 Metapod.

Well i wouldn't be able to have 6 Smeargles if i want to do a "2" pokemon only allowed run hehe

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45 minutes ago, sephiroth1977 said:

Well i wouldn't be able to have 6 Smeargles if i want to do a "2" pokemon only allowed run hehe

Do two Smeargle then. Start at level 1 and sketch all your moves. Though bear in mind I started with 4 Spinda and was forced into a full team at badge 6.

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39 minutes ago, AndyStv said:

you could just use max potion and revive .. i did it that way and i won with lvl 45-49 pokemons

time to kill the amount of money you'll ever wish to have


And you if you happen to lose on a run while testing out items? You lose even more money.

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I have to be honest about this one. At first, I was like: nerf it. We can't beat this. I think that's because compared with Unova, Hoenn and Kanto are very very easy to beat. You know the Pokémons every trainer has and its movesets, only choosing attack by the Pokémon type.

Unova is different; they predict you, they switch when they haven't have the advantage, the Pokémons have coverage moves etc. etc.

I think that's the main issue with Unova. And I finally beat it, with some time.


Elite 4 was not that hard. It was hard, but it's not too hard. I think the problems are N and Ghetsis. That's where the challenge begins. 

N is where it begins. He keeps switching, every type has coverage. And that's the point where you have to think and be a step in front of N. If you have the advantage, he is likely to switch and pull something out that resists your move. And that's what happens all the time. After a few times N, you can predict what he does and easily beat him.


Well, easily. I had to Hyper Potion stall his Reshiram because it did too much lol. Just stall his fire move 8 times, and it's dead after that. Same for Ghetsis' Hydreigon.


The same for Ghetsis; if you can predict N, you can predict Ghetsis too. 


I didn't used any competitives. I just bought a Gengar lv 52, with a nature that decreases Sp. Atk lol. Leveling is suggested tho, between 54-56 should do it. Just farm Basculin horde in Victory Road. They give speed EV's, which made some of my Pokes quicker then theirs.


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The irony in everyone bashing down Ash for not being able to beat any league because of his stupid choice in pokemon team. Oh how the tables have turned.

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Actually kanto and hoenn elite 4 were upgraded with the new update.Bruno had 2 onyx before and now he has a steelix.The trainers predict and switch the same way as in unova.

I think unova is actually the most easy because you only need to beat 4 trainers and you will always be able to go to N right away if you lose.And you will also be able to go to ghestis right away if you lose to him.You will need to catch rekrom again tho.Also you can pick the order that you want to beat the 4 trainers.


Also I don't know if its a bug but there is no cooldown when you go to fight the elite 4 in unova the first time.You can go challenge them right away all the time.In kanto the first time you do elite 4 there is a cooldown.

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On 19-11-2017 at 1:45 PM, AQA said:

what the


even with lvl 50 comps its almost impossible to win


and with that short story you cant lvl 6 pokes to lvl 50


 the players must spend all their money on revives and hyper potions   but will lose till they have no more left


but they need the money for breeding


and why the hell we must catch that dragon agian  now  we must even buy hyperballs too


please lvl down the final a bit  

i came to forums to complain about this too, not to mention all the full restores N uses >:( , its surely beatable as i already got him almost dead but then he won with a full restore ..............

but shit i realized other players must be bullied quite a bit too by this, and the level restriction means all my good comps are just a few lvls out of reach from being usable doing this with story mons is tough af :D


and what you say is very true i just burned trough money/pokeballs(fcking zekrom)/pots and i actually have to redesign my team for this one, rlly hard to win with alot of type disadvantages, so its party my own fault, but wauw i wonder if N has comps all the way to prevent comp users to get a easy victory because my story mons get hit by trucks left and right,


ex: 31iv speed/spatck modest houndoom takes hp from 1 poke down to maybe 2/3th after even powering up a nasty plot,, i was shocked 0.0, just to see him get 2hko after by a move that isnt even sup eff. ( opponent lvl 51, houndoom lvl 53)


On 5-12-2017 at 6:00 PM, WesleytJ said:


Elite 4 was not that hard. It was hard, but it's not too hard. I think the problems are N and Ghetsis. That's where the challenge begins. 


Thats where the full restores begin :P ( asif it knows when i go for lethal cuz it even pops one at 50% hp wich is just pooped if he can 1 shot me after with more speed)

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This topic died a while ago but I'll revive it since I just finished a very specific alt.


With my very limited time it took me 2 days to finish Unova storyline. I encountered a problem only once- in a fight vs Bianca at gate to Opelucid, because I forgot my Zebstrika and left it in PC. Other than that, absolutely no trainer, npc, wild poke, e4 member or N/ Ghetsis posed any threat.


I started off with Tepig, however it wasn't really my aim to use it whatsoever. I wanted to use only pokes I actually like, so before I began the storyline I noted down that I want:







-Zekrom lol









As you see, these pokes are absolutely random. Aside from very decent wild catches on Axew and Zebstrika, the other 2 are horrible in terms of nature and IVs while Archeops is a gift. I focused only on these 5, while trying to rely on Tepig and it's evo as little as possible.


To make things short: Gym leaders didn't pose a threat whatsoever. First gym was ruined by some random shit and Pansage, normal-typed gym died to Pignite and same thing went for bug-typed gym. I don't remember the gym leader names so I won't even bother. Elesa got ruined by Krookorok, however her Emolga was annoying. Clay got destroyed by Krookorok and Pignite as well, while Skyla didn't stand a chance against Zebstrika alone. Against Brycen I already had a very strong party which included Emboar and Excadrill and I didn't really put any effort in beating him.

Fun started with Iris, because my aim was to stop here for a moment and use the amazing EV spots to boost my pokes a little. I used both exp shared to speed things up and started killing hordes of Garbodors for atk and Basculins in Dragonspiral tower for speed. This made my Fraxure evolve into a Haxorus which proved later on to be an absolute MVP. After reaching level 48 (cap) and getting Haxorus, I went to defeat Iris. Strategy was simple: send out Haxorus, click "Dragon Claw" and watch things die.

Afterwards, I leveled my stuff a tiny bit more. Haxorus was 54 when I have entered E4, same for Krookodile and Excadrill. Archeops was 52 as it is on picture.

Ghost-type leader: Send out Krookodile, click "Crunch" (or foul play cuz it's currently bugged but w/e, I believe blackglasses-boosted Crunch would've grabbed all the KOs anyway) and watch things die.

Dark-type leader: I started off with Haxorus. DDanced once as he switched out into Bisharp, then I SDanced. Dragon Claw did the rest of the work here.

Psychic-type leader: Send out Krookodile, click "Crunch" and watch things die.

Fighting-type leader: Archeops pretty much destroyed him, although his Lucario caught me off guard cuz it was pretty fast. Still, he let me set up Haxorus with one DD which pretty much ended the game. I used up few potions here.


Before facing N and Ghetsis I decided to change EVs a little and bought 10 hondew berries from GTL to take away SATK evs from Excadrill, Haxorus and Krookodile- then I got some additional atk and speed EVs for them.


Beating N was just ridiculously easy. His Zoroark OHKOd my Krookodile with focus blast, but then I sent out Haxorus, set up one DD as he went into Klinklang, then I set up SD and... well, I didn't use anything else. Was a pleasure 6-0ing him.

Beating Ghetsis was laughable as well and Haxorus did the same thing again- his answer to my Haxorus was a Cofagrigus which allowed me to set up again...


That's pretty much it. It took me 2 days (something around that) to beat all the trainers available, collect all the items, listen to Bianca's bullshit and so on.


Conclusion: Maybe I did have an advantage over others due to having some knowledge and experience with competitive pokemon, however this was my literally second Unova storyline run in my pokemon career and first time I did it "full". I did not have any problems whatsoever and I barely had an idea what's ahead of me. The DD + SD Haxorus could've probably destroyed everything in it's path alone if I only taught it Low Kick (however I wanted profits from this alt so shame wasting $$ on something non-comp) instead of a measy Rock Smash.


That's pretty much it. Unova storyline sucks anyway, too much useless bullshit chatting. And Bianca annoys the shit out of me.


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The issue i have with the post 4th instance E4 is that. The typing rotation has changed, where u need to rely more on tactics than brawn. Which in most cases are easy to handle where u can map their movements out with switch-ins and whatnot. Mostly due to the AI as it is now, which will improve over time. However, the reward doesn't match-up to the effort u put into it. 
67-74k payout and the 1800 BP is totally not worth the effort you have to go through. Sure, with a few set-uppers; Stallers, baton passers, sdance/ddance mons u can have your way around them without "that" much of a challenge. 
The format, where you have to go all the way through the champion and beat it to claim the reward. Till then, the max amount of cash (if unprepared) u need to put yourself in a guaranteed position is around 20-30k with restoring items. As for the BP, u can farm 1800 in battle tower in like 10 minutes with minimal effort.
Bottom line being that is not a feasible method to farm cash or BP to make it up to the effort considering both mechanical wise and cooldown wise. Where it presents itself just an obstacle to increase your level capacity to 100s rather than the most challenging way of both putting your skills to the test and giving you a reward to set your footing in the end-game.

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