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Unova's worth as off Nov 18

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So i have just finished going through Unova, battling every trainer along the way, picking up every item i could as well. As of right now, the only place, that i know of, that i havent been too in unova is Anville town, the lower area to mistraltin cave, and relic castle's endgame area. 


Anyway I have set up a simple spreadsheet with a list of all the items i obtained in Unova along my journey, plus what money i got from battles, and the going prices on the gtl for them, if any.



I earned about 500k from the trainers around unova while have an amulet coin equipped for most of it.



DISCLAIMER: This was made just to give a general ideas of what an alt run of unova would be worth. This doesn't have all the items available and i'm sure the prices have already changed by the time i posted this.


Anyway i hope this is will help. Have a nice day.

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8 hours ago, IDKPRO said:

U can't get a Magmanizer? 

I did not get all the items avaliable, this was made with what i did get. I believe that one of the devs did say that you could find them on magmars though.

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