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[MOD] Talking Pokes - Gen I-II-III-IV-V

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On 3/14/2018 at 2:55 PM, AiEnma said:


By the way I wanted to do a quick update on this.

I've checked the volumes and the louder volumes are REALLY nice!

Now I don't have to max out my sound volume in-game just to (barely) hear certain Pokemon sounds.

I love it!

The mod is wonderful!  Thank you so much for fixing it and it works amazingly now :)

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5 hours ago, winches said:

no se como instalarlo, lo pongo en la carpeta de mods pero en el juego no me aparece en administrar mods

Debe estar en el directorio del juego PokeMMO/data/mod/...(aquí y no lo descomprimas) - Si estas intentándolo en Android, no se como instalarlo allí.

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On 10/30/2018 at 4:51 PM, AiEnma said:

I dunno how to install it on Android sorry. But I think it would be best to drop it on the folder inside where you have your App installed. (You might need USB conection to explore your phone)

Thanks for attention. I could not install on android :(

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On 11/17/2017 at 10:37 PM, AiEnma said:



Compiled for PokeMMO by xAiEnmax

Compilado para PokeMMO por xAiEnmax


This is a sound mod that will change the cries of pokemons from gen 1 to 5. I got the sonds from Jaizor11, I've already tested it and after a few tweeks, fixes and edits, I decided to share. So hope you enjoy it and find it fun. <3. 




Este es un mod de sonido que cambiará los cries de los pokemones desde la generación 1 a la 5ta. Obtuve los sonidos de Jaizor11' . Ya lo probé . luego de modificarlos un poco y hacer unas ediciones y arreglos mínimos decidí compartirlo. Espero los disfruten y lo encuentren divertido.



 ALL IN ONE / TODO EN UNO - WAV // 14-Mar-2018

ºTalkin Pokes All in One - 42 mb


#Changelog -  Thanks  @Platybus for asking.

  Reveal hidden contents


Changed the bitrate (with Wavepad) of every cry from 1400'ish to something more light while trying to keep the quality - 256 Thanks to @Nasira 

-Wavepad export config (in case you are wondering) : WAV - PCM no compression (uncompressed) 8000hz , 16bits, stereo. 

Also - There is a problem with pansear cry . Will keep investigating for future fix ^^: - Thanks @B43VERGR8FUL



Normalized cries to -3dB (70% max) - equilibrating the max volume. 

Amplified x4 (400%) -Now you can hear the cries with the sound settings in game: Music Volume 20 / 15 / 10 (I personally use 10) ; Sound Fx Volume 20 / 15 / 10 (I use 15 and 10, this is the config that handles the cries volume).  

Changed the bitrate (with Wavepad) of every cry from 1400'ish to something more light while trying to keep the quality - 512.  

-Wavepad export config (in case you are wondering) : WAV - PCM no compression (uncompressed) 16000hz , 16bits, stereo. 

-Deleted single packs, all is included in 1 file = 1 link.

-The 513's cry (Pansear) is included but I couldnt find a fix yet, maybe the number is wrong (?. Anyway, if someone finds a solution or has a suggestion I'll happy to try it asap.




* IMPORTANT* I'll leave the files and values at this, I won't be editing them anymore. But feel free to do it and share, because every each of us has a different taste.

The last thing I'll do is try to fix the Pansear cry, read spoiler for that. ^^  




- Ai ♥

Does it work for android?

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Hey Android users,


Please try this one (it is a copy of the one posted in the OP, but converted into a zip correctly for android, assuming I did it right). https://www.dropbox.com/s/nha49bwmo770j10/RealCries.zip?dl=0


Essentially I converted all the Wav files into mp3 and then stored in a zip using a compression format for android. If this doesn't work then I'm at a loss.






apparently this doesn't work. :(

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As @Gilan Says higher ! Don't work on android Even using the right method to convert it to android.
Mod Cries seems to not be taken into account on android :/

Also this mod is great ... for english speakers but as a French speaker those cries meens nothing to me ^^

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