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They ruined everything, an update that seemed good.

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2 hours ago, Rittz said:

Eh, I just copied and pasted the phrase from his post, so IDK what are you talking about.


And yeah, ugh, calm down kid, watch the manners.

Obviously not, you didn't copy and pasted the whole idea. Only part of it to justify what you want it to mean. 

Also stop being an uguu

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The update it's okay. In all honesty I'm not really fond of it so far. The only thing I hate is that there is more bullshit talk from npc then hoenn. It'll probably take 3 hours to listen to all the shit the npc has to say. Even when I spam space the fckers don't wanna stop talking.

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14 hours ago, Ninkyo said:

In the end, coding is all about numbers, and in the end, they're just failing to copy an existing game ^^

But, i'm pretty satisfied with what Kyu posted earlier in this thread


PS: yup i left pokemmo to play on 3DS


Nobody is coding in numbers for decades now. Also you're completely missing the point. There is a huge difference between changing the payout of an npc from 2000 to 4000 and adding a whole new part to a program.

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