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PokeMMO Nostalgia

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Hell i miss some of the old staff members and mods, those guys made this place what it was back in the day.. Been around here way to long, i remember the great lag of 2012(lol everyone had a hell of a time logging in), the jumpeon incident (no one shut up about it for months), The season events(honestly miss those), The argueing of how to implement legendaries amonst players. The early years of this game were a pain at times but those where the best days, now a lot of the OG players are gone(only a few of us left) and depending on what time of the day your on its just really empty(use to be most channels were full of players).That said tho it is nice to not have as many pain in the arse kids causing problems on here as there use to be, been seeing a lot of help in the chat when people ask for help, mon stealing seems to have stopped(or at least not as bad as it use to be). All you guys are doing a hell of a job as a community, keep up the good work. 

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childhood - played some PKM games on gameboy, DS, ...


2015 - I was finding PKM boring since a few years already (mostly because I was only a story player) when I aknowledged the existence of EVs, IVs, and competition which interested me a lot. Also created my first account ever on MMO and really like the fact you could see EVs and IVs, but at that time you had to lvl up a pokemon to see the correct IV and not "x-y", so this was too much effort, also I was playing alone, so I stopped playing.


May 2016 - I started playing again with Flatolitou cause we talked about MMO and we hopped on the game to see if it had changed, it had. We started tryharding as soon as we logged on, breeding a full competitive team in 3 days from scratch (we had never done real PvP before but we managed to build a solid team with blissey+gengar cause this was during the period when almost everything was playable in OU) and wrecking some big names on the ladder instantly, like giantpipe or other ppl from top 10, which was pretty huge for us.


1 week later - We bred a few other perfect pokemons, and we were looking for a team. I searched on french forums (FFP French Federation of PokeMMO) and RNG appeared like the only french competitive team at that time. I legit instantly PM'd Schuchty and XPLOZ to tell them we wanted to join, and after we talked a bit on TS we were invited to the best team that ever existed.


May 2016 -> now - Great moments, great IRL meeting, so much laughs, it really was a pleasure to do nothing but being shit at the game for months and laugh so hard at everything. Thinking about it this gives me the feels but there really were some crazy dank moments. Too bad shit happened w/ the team early 2017 + game got boring cause this could have continued a long time.


I miss you guys, hope we can do that crazy meeting we talked about during 2018 summer holidays <3

@gbwead @Crazyhell @DiDi @WaterFTW @nadeelia @XPLOZ @Sashaolin @guerinf @notRNGplebs @everyone this shit doesnt work anymore fuck @s



EDIT : oh and also


summer holidays 2017 - got some really satisfying PSL moments even if team choked like mongos in finals, that was dope, too bad there wasnt time for another PSL cause it would have been a good reason to stick to MMO


so ty for this event @DoubleJ @BurntZebra and every name hiding being the term "PSL"

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I started to play PokeMMO since early 2013 after searching for a online-pokemon games in the internet. At that time i didn't have time to go seriously in the game so i just finish the storyline and fooling around with stuffs at the cafe-internet near my place. I stopped playing PokeMMO for like almost a year because im at 12th grade and i had to study had to go to the university. Since i got in to the university my old pc at home got internet and i started playing PokeMMO again ( as Quiliver) exactly on 14 Oct 2014. I began to learn what makes a good pokemon like IVs EVs Egg Moves and stuffs... My first breeded pokemon wasn't great but i continued to breeding and finaly i've got a pokemon that i want. Since i find boring to do the same things over and over again like ( farming - breeding - pvp - trading ) Dev Team saved me, they changed breeding method, they released Hoenn with new pokemons and stuff to do, they added pvp and small events hosted by Moderators and Admins. Also they release so many events with interesting quests and puzzles to solve. I feel great about PokeMMO getting more and more improvements. And lately we're introduced with the new Unova region (or gen5) and lastest the Public Test Server seems pretty awesome although i can't play it because my old pc can't run it so by the time the new update hit the Live Server i will be quitting ( i guess or one day when i get my laptop or new pc i can play it again)
PokeMMO is a great game.I can do many things with the game like modify the modable resources to make my experiences better.  I have many memories with it like when you catch a shiny, when you breed a good genderless pokemon with low percent of high ivs or when you win a pvp battle. I make alot of friends, having fun and enjoy the game.
Thank you PokeMMO. 

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On 10/25/2017 at 6:05 PM, TeamRocketHarry said:

I started early 2013 didn't do much in the beginning except grind the Slots (and I was a pro at that shit) until I got my rocket uniform, then I joined a nice team after that but it died. About a month later I was in Vermillion where I fought this one guy who used a Curse/Shadowball Umbreon @Telf, I can't remember who won but we ended up becoming friends after that. We basically hung around Celadon most of the time, where Telf, Malorne, Zakavelli, RibadH(Kanzo), and myself would battle to determine the "King of Celadon". Only took me about 2 months of playing to find my first shiny, which was a Stantler I caught in Altering Cave(on the day it opened too) while I was hunting bagon. I ended up joining a nice team called HUGZ later in 2013, apparently it was a team of mostly girls (mostly guys), still it was a pretty good time. eventually the team split with Pattylove making some team called PIMP and the rest going their separate ways, a few of us from HUGZ decided to regroup and made a team called Team NoSleep, (Shoutout to Manny aka MtheGod wish you were still here man). After a year or so I ended up in MDVN where I had to battle xSparkie to join (Swept him with Slaking was ez), for the most part I've stayed in MDVN since then and met some pretty cool people like Archon(rip), KaosXV, Rendiz, Leviiticus, Sofa, and skrubs like Suneet and Oltan kek.


There is more shit but I just can't remember it


rip the good ole days



PS WTT Lucky Eggs LF Shinies

This kid mentions Archon but he doesn't mention me, im sHOOk @Leviticus @strifexchaos @xSparkie

P.S. Harry, you didn't even mention the golden days when MoMo reined Supreme, smh.

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I rarely post on forums, but here goes..


I started playing this sometime around 2013 but stopped when the PSS was implemented. Just recently started playing a bit again because I stumbled upon the screenshots of Unova, which I am now eagerly awaiting.

I can barely remember anyone and I guess that means nobody remembers me (not sure how many "old" people still play this). I wasn't much of a talker, but I do remember getting into a team. I couldn't recall what team it was until I started reading through this thread. I'm certain it must've been Bong, because I remember hanging out with people with that tag.

As for people I remember in particular; Raptori and Bearminator (because they're the few of my 100s of friends that still play) and someone named unicornn who I have fond memories of and generally enjoyed hanging out with.

The hangout spot back then was Viridian, and I used to battle a lot, both with friends and random people. The best memory I have of battling there was that I managed to beat some high-profile person, AestheticsBrah I think he was called.

I only ever found one shiny, and that was while EV training (Tangela) so you could say it wasn't that rare of a shiny.

When I got back into this I brought some friends along as to not be completely alone. I never finished playing through Hoenn after all, so it was nice to banter a bit with them on channel chat as I was going.


Well there you have it. I just felt the need to share my poorly organized thoughts about what used to be.

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11 minutes ago, Squeetz said:

I rarely post on forums, but here goes..


I started playing this sometime around 2013 but stopped when the PSS was implemented. Just recently started playing a bit again because I stumbled upon the screenshots of Unova, which I am now eagerly awaiting.

I can barely remember anyone and I guess that means nobody remembers me (not sure how many "old" people still play this). I wasn't much of a talker, but I do remember getting into a team. I couldn't recall what team it was until I started reading through this thread. I'm certain it must've been Bong, because I remember hanging out with people with that tag.

As for people I remember in particular; Raptori and Bearminator (because they're the few of my 100s of friends that still play) and someone named unicornn who I have fond memories of and generally enjoyed hanging out with.


Oh yea, that rings a bell. Nice to see you again in game, especially with Unova around corner. 

See you around :)

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This is gonna be super long, and I’m not sure whether anyone will read this, or if anyone will care, but it seems like the right time to add my story to this thread! So, here goes…




I first joined this game in 2013. Back then, all of the cool kids hung round outside Viridian. I remember spending weeks (literally) hunting for a lucky egg in Safari zone. Weeks looking for decent Dratini, because Dragonite has always been my favourite Pokemon. I remember biking up past Viridian and seeing all of the trainers gathered round outside, and wanting to be like one of those guys. I remember trolling channel chat mercilessly – ‘Lucky egg giveaway on CH3 Lavender Town’ and then laughing my ass off as swarms of people turned up and followed me round, ‘Where’s my egg? Where’s my egg?!’ I remember the first time I ever played against a guy’s Starmie, and it absolutely ripped me a new one. Then 2 weeks later I went back and countered and beat that guy. I remember the first time I ever got ‘stalled out’ by a Blissey, and I was genuinely in awe. It seemed like dark magic or something. I grinded and worked and finally got a team that I could take to Viridian gym, and become ‘one of the cool kids’. My first match went down to the wire. Some guy’s Nidoking missed his Megahorn on my Dragonite, I took him down and went nuts. It felt so awesome. I carried on winning (and losing) for a while…and then they introduced breeding. I’m dedicated to my Pokemon, but that was a huge blow. I worked hard trying to breed for about a month, but finally just gave up, and moved onto other things…




Fast forward to summer 2016 and Pokemon Go hit the market. I wasn’t interested in that nooby game, but it made me want to start playing Pokemon again, and actually be good at Pokemon (not just good at mashing a button). So, I came back. The first thing I did was log in, and check where my old Pokemons where at. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember half the buttons. So I went into the daycare to check on my old Dragonite, who I’d been breeding, but couldn’t get the lady at the desk to talk to me. I stood there for ages, spamming chat:  ‘HOW DO I GET THIS LADY TO TALK TO ME?’ Nobody responded, until this one guy finally came up to me, stood right in my face and said, ‘KYS kid’. Lol.


After I worked out the basics again, I started the biggest grind of my life. I identified the 6 or 7 Pokemon which I liked the most, and said I am going to grind non-stop until I get these. And so I did. From July to the end of September, I spent every single spare moment of my life fighting NPC trainers, breeding and trying to get the best pokes possible. Some of the grind sessions were ridiculous – literally waking up at 9am on a Saturday and fighting NPCs until 9 at night. And then, it happened. Shiny Skarmory appeared. And the IVs were great too! I don’t care about shinies, and I don’t like Skarm that much, so I was just thinking $$$. I put it in trade chat and immediately all hell broke loose. I was getting messages right, left and centre:





You get the idea…I actually had to log off because it stressed me out so badly. When I came back on, I eventually sold it for 30 million. I probably could have got more, but I was a noob back then.


Anyway fast forward a few months and I finally had the team I wanted. I was ready to fight (now outside of Vermillion). I won my first match, and just carried on beating people. Then one day a guy turned around to me and was like ‘Hey, I like your style, do you wanna join my team?’ I was on the fence, but eventually he persuaded me. That guy was Rusty, the original leader of HERB. So I joined up, and I started playing HERB tournaments. Those early days were the most fun I ever had on this game. It was me, Wu, Law, Rusty, Sjado, Obama, Gallick and some others. I remember us all going to catch Mewtwo, and me getting it at the first attempt, before getting rolled by some guy’s Snorlax. I remember winning my first ever tournament vs PkmnTrainerJC, with salac berry Gardevoir, and losing the title the very next week. I remember getting flinched haxed by Law's Aero in my first ever tournament, semi final, and just being absolutely devastated. 


Anyway, come late December Rusty wasn’t on very much anymore. A big argument ensued between certain other members of the team, and I eventually ended up being given the title of Boss, pretty much by default. This wasn’t something I had planned for or expected at all, so I had to get used to the position very fast. I would like to think I’ve done an okay job, although there have been ups and downs. I won a record number of HERB tournaments, had some killer matches outside Vermillion and recruited a group of staple players into HERB who I hope will be there for a long time. I still never won an official though, even at Uber tier, and I have always come up just short against the really top players on this game =[. It's been really eye-opening though, and I think it's genuinely taught me a lot - which isn't something that you ever expect to happen in an online video game. 


July 2017


From July onwards things went downhill for me a bit. You can only run the same 6 Pokemon for so long before everyone figures you out, and even though I would like to think I’m good at what I do – everyone has limitations, especially if people are prepared for you. I hate losing, especially outside of Verm. I find it humiliating and difficult to take, and the losses just kept coming. My confidence was gone, I just couldn't do it anymore. The 6 mons I run though are the only 6 Pokemon I like , so I’d rather die using them than live using something else. This game isn’t about winning for me, it’s about winning with my favourite Pokemon, and if I can’t do that then there’s just no joy for me.


When it was announced that Gen 5 was going to be the next one, I knew my goose was cooked. Gen 4 I could handle, but Gen 5 just doesn’t hold any interest for me. It’s the right time to retire and hang up my Pokeballs, and so I gave Xatu the boss title. I know people on this forum have mixed views on Xatu, and some of his suggestions are hilariously funky – conga line (lol) but he truly cares about this game and he is a genuinely good dude, so I can’t think of a better person to lead team HERB forward.


I have made some amazing friends on this game – @SteveDerBaum @WuMethodMan, @TrixieTheTank @Xatu, plus so many others, and it’s got me through a tough time in my life. This game is so different to anything else out there, and I hope it carries on for years to come.


And so, my journey ends here. It’s been absolutely amazing, and I don’t think I will ever enjoy playing another game as much as I have this one. I have loved every minute of it. <3 HERB.




TLDR: I had a great year. Cya.

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Reading this wall of text for the first time.

"When copulating, you are not having fun. In fact, you have more fun doing a hobby than having intercourse. Of course our bodies "tell us" to have it, but is that "real fun" or is it our bodies dictating us again? Do you want to get the same satisfaction that you have doing copulation? Here is the answer, do something you take pleasure in. For instance, I log into PokeMMO because I genuinely have fun playing the game and communicating with the community. I don't sit around all day scrolling through Google Images of women that decided to show off. Otherwise, that would be considered having no life. I am planning to go to college and I hope to incorporate going to PokeMMO in my schedule, because I love this community. If I just focused on porn all day, I would get nowhere. I won't meet good friends like blackiye, Noad, Rache, Zehkar, Throwdown, OldKeith, and many more nice people. If I focused on porn all day, I won't be interested in competitive play or be interested in making a YT channel advertising this game on YouTube. Even though I am quitting YT once I do my farewell speech, I want to hang around this community because this community has a potential. If I just focused on pornography, I wouldn't even know the beauty of PokeMMO, I won't be watching the news, and I wouldn't even plan to go to college."


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