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[Trivia] Professor Oak's Gathering (Friday, 27th October)

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Professor Oak has started advertising for his gathering on the 27th October with his goal to find the best candidate possible to become his new apprentice.

It informs us that he needs to find someone who is quick thinking and has broad knowledge of Pokemon. If you think you are smart enough, come along. If not, well... Come anyway.


Date/Time: Friday 27th October 10pm BST | 5pm EDT

Location: Channel 7


Prize: 100k each round (20 rounds total)


Explanation: The Host will post a Pokemon related trivia question in Channel Chat at the beginning of each round. The first player to answer correctly will win the prize for that round.



  • Event-related information will be shared via Channel Chat.
  • The first player to post the correct answer in Channel Chat will win the round.
  • Answers must be given in English language and with correct spelling to be accepted as valid.
  • Any players found to be exhibiting disruptive or inappropriate behaviour will be barred from using channel chat for the duration of the event.
  • Any attempt to cheat in any way will result in disqualification from the entire event.

No signups/registration are required, so just turn up and participate!


Host: KaynineXL

SGM: Noad

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Congratulations to tonight's winners that include....

OrangeManiac Aerun Keyyy Hanabanan newJ BlueBreath ZetteTaette Takaimei


You can find tonight's questions here

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1. When used in a PokeMMO double battles what sound-based move hits both opponent's Pokemon on the field, regardless whether they are behind a Substitute? 

Answer: Hyper Voice


2. Name the 3rd Elite Four member in Hoenn.

Answer: Glacia


3. Which Pokemon can you buy at the Games Corner prize area for 2500 coins?

Answer: Vulpix


4. Which items are needed to learn Heal Bell from a tutor? I need the item and the amount.

Answer: x3 Green Shards


5. What are the 5 move types that can damage Shedinja?

Answer: Dark, Flying, Fire, Rock, Ghost


6. Professor Cozmo gives you this item when you give him back what he found.

Answer: TM27/Return (accepting both)


7. What does the Pokemon tournament abbreviation VGC stand for?

Answer: Video Game Championships


8. What is the name of Flannery's famous Grandfather?

Answer: Mr. Moore


9. In PokeMMO, name a Pokemon that begins with S and ends with Y.

Answer: Shiftry


10. How many bikers are on the cycling road in Kanto?

Answer: 16  


11. How many Unown shapes are there? (including the new shapes added in gen 3)

Answer: 28


12. In PokeMMO, what is the lightest Pokemon with rock-typing.

Answer: Corsola


13. What is Steven's highest level Pokemon when battled at Meteor Falls.

Answer: 78


14. How many Pokemon have branched evolutions in PokeMMO? (not including Nincada)

Answer: 7

Quote for when they bring up Nincada: Shedinja is an entirely separate species to Nincada. It's not an evolution - it's simply generated at the same time that Nincada evolves.


15. Name a Pokemon that can be caught in PokeMMO which has the typings Water + Bug.

Answer: Surskit


HARD 16. What is another name for Seven Island?

Answer: Quest Island of Infinity


17. What is the entry cost for Hoenn safari?

Answer: $500


18. What is the recipe to make a Max Revive using the crafting feature? I need the required items and exact amounts.

Answer: x50 Berry Power + x1 Revive + x1 Revival Herb


19. Which Pokemon are visible inside the Hoenn Day Care garden?

Answer: Kecleon, Azumarill and Pikachu


20. "Oh, but look. Your Pokemon are a little dirty." is a quote from which character?

Answer: Daisy



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