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Evolution Art Contest (Friday 6th October - Monday 6th November)

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You are required to create a piece of work depicting an evolved form for a Pokemon that are currently not part of an evolutionary line. You must submit one entry and accompany it with the following:

Character Name:

Pokemon your evolved form is based upon:

Name of evolved form: <Optional>

Typing of evolved form: <Optional>

Entries must depict the final form evolution for a Pokemon, not a Pre-evolution.Artists are welcome to use any medium they like to create their entry, pictures drawn digitally or on paper will be judged the same. Please make sure you read the rules before submitting your entry, I look forward to seeing some great submissions. 


Eligible Pokemon for this contest:

Legendaries, Mythical Pokemon & Pokemon with a Mega Evolution are disqualified from this contest
















































































Date/Time for submission

Friday 6th October 12am BST to Monday 6th November 11:59pm BST




First Place:

Shiny Gift Smeargle

Your choice of nature, two moves, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs


1000 Reward Points or 1,000,000 Pokeyen


Second Place:

700 Reward Points or 700,000 Pokeyen


Third Place:

300 Reward Points or 300,000 Pokeyen



  • Only one entry per user, if you wish to replace an entry please do so by editing your post and replacing your current entry.
  • Art work must be 100% original. If entries are found to be plagiarised then you will be disqualified from this contest.
  • All submissions must be made in this thread.
  • The post that contains your submission must also include your IGN.
  • Please state which Pokemon you artwork is based on.
  • You are only allowed to enter a final form evolution for a Pokemon, not a Pre-evolution.


If you have any questions regarding this event, please feel free to message me.

Based on the Baby Pokemon Art Contest

Host: Noad

Additional Judges: Gilan KaynineXL Munya Bearminator XelaKebert

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Just now, notmudkip0 said:

Audino has a mega, so shouldn't she be disqualified?

Thanks, there was me thinking I'd got them all! Removed Audino from the list. 

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Nice one. Unluckily I don't need a smeargle anymore. :c

Gonna give it a try anyway! :3

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Posted (edited)

Oooooooooooo Im going to have such a hard time picking one.


And I didnt get to choose the nature or moves on the last shiny gift Smeargle I won o.o



Edit: holy crap this was a lot easier to choose when Litten was the obvious choice. I want to do like the whole first half of the list lmao

Edited by WolfgangDamien
No double post

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20 minutes ago, GergFalerg said:

Narrowed it down to Lapras, Shuckle, Skarmory, Torkoal, Spinda, Zangoose and Kecleon. Still undecided. xD

do Dunsparce evo bro, make @Zehkar proud

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, DarylDixon said:

do Dunsparce evo bro, make @Zehkar proud

haha... hard to think of a Dunsparce evo lol


edit: nvm, found some cool looking ones with google image xD

Edited by GergFalerg

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On 30/09/2017 at 12:04 PM, Noad said:

Art work must be 100% original. 

that's the hard part, just did a sketch of a "creative" idea that i has and searching on google i saw that someone already did it 


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1 hour ago, Foersterr said:

that's the hard part, just did a sketch of a "creative" idea that i has and searching on google i saw that someone already did it 


Original means you cant directly copy someone else and you cant photoshop pictures together and call it your own. Having a similar idea as another person on the internet does not disqualify you from being original. 

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Ive done some sketches of my two ideas~ I cannot choose between the two o-o Help? 



Farfetch'd final evo idea


Name: Far'each

Type: Flying / Fighting

Abilities: Staff Spin & Pickup

(( Staff Spin inflicts damage on all pokemon who land a physical attack on Far'each ))


This idea centers around Farfetch'd mastering its weapon, eventually trading the short leek in for a full sized staff when it has outgrown its usefulness. 





Tauros final evo idea


Name: Minotauros

Type: Normal / Fighting

Abilities: Intimidate / Anger Point


I think this one is pretty self-explanatory lol



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Is possible to create a short list of pokemons that can be used in this contest? will help us a lot to choose a better option.




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Just now, YanceyDawg said:



Is possible to create a short list of pokemons that can be used in this contest? will help us a lot to choose a better option.




There already is one in the first post

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