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2 hours ago, um0 said:

Value of electrode (bad ivs, hp grass) and swablu male (bad ivs)?


If you mean shiny, voltorb has been going for 2.5 lately so electrode should be around 2m. Swab ive seen some ppl try-hard selling at 7m recently but no one was buying so i'd say 6.5-7m at most.

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Welcome to the Value Advice thread; here you will be able to ask questions regarding your potential trades/purchases and they will be answered by the community.    Rules are as follows:

I mean, I think a bunch of players theoretically stand to make good money every time something like this raises in value, including myself, but I personally don't feel the need to sit and brag about h

I'm simply responding to everything that you say which is incorrect. I think ranting every time someone calls you out on your bullshit is more attention seeking.    I guess this explains t

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2 hours ago, Byakurai1 said:

Currently looking to sell a shiny solrock and could use some ideas on a fair price. It has two perfect IV's as well being Def and Sp A. 22 HP, 13 atk, 8 sp d, and 13 speed . Any advice would be welcome.

sadly don't think perfect ivs on solrock hold much value, being a genderless, but I'd say 2.5m+

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On 21/01/2018 at 2:24 PM, BurgoRD said:


What value would it have?


2-3m imo, common one but somewhat dificult to find for sale. I'd advertise trade chat and see what would people offer for it honestly.


On 22/01/2018 at 8:53 AM, ethiopianpriest said:



anyone help me value this?

has nature and 3/6 IVs are already ok(not taking 30 speed into consideration), at least 10m?

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10 minutes ago, Eetvis said:

Can i get a value advice for my first breed?


Still = Quiet [+10% SP.Def / -10% Attack]

Isn´t this the perfect Mantine?

I really dont know how to value this.

quiet is + 10% sp atk and - 10% speed. I value it 1mil max as a breeder if there is anyone who would want to breed a 6*31 natured water A mon.

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13 minutes ago, Eetvis said:

Isn´t this the perfect Mantine?

Nop, not even close, the perfect mantine would be a bold or calm one, without atk, as you wont be using atk for anything, with haze egg move.

Value wise, probably 900k/1m as a breeder for something like a mixed dnite, nature doens't work well on anything so that doens't add any value.

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12 hours ago, RysPicz said:





I'm sure it might be tough to estimate but I'll give it a shot here as well.

Being what it is as a horde mon, this one is male and has significant iv's for breed. The average ones I've seen selling at 5mil on the gtl. This one would probably reach around 9-12. Could be more depending on the buyer that needs it.

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1 minute ago, Eetvis said:

@redspawn I translated it wrong. Still can mean both Quiet and Calm in german. Anyway, the mantine got a "Calm" Nature.

How much does that add to the value?
Thanks for the fast responses by the way :)

Tbh perfect would be with 0 atk rather than 31- less damage from Foul Play and potential confusion. Egg moves?

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