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Welcome to the Value Advice thread; here you will be able to ask questions regarding your potential trades/purchases and they will be answered by the community.    Rules are as follows:

I mean, I think a bunch of players theoretically stand to make good money every time something like this raises in value, including myself, but I personally don't feel the need to sit and brag about h

I'm simply responding to everything that you say which is incorrect. I think ranting every time someone calls you out on your bullshit is more attention seeking.    I guess this explains t

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21 hours ago, Raederz said:

Dewgong I would say 1.5m

Torkoal idk, male female ? Maybe 2.5-3 ?


18 hours ago, YettoDie said:

If the torkoal is male I would value it around 7_8, fem 4_5


Dewgong prob around 2

my torkoal is male :D

and thx guys for your help

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On 10/10/2017 at 1:59 AM, BlizzardGG said:

hey guys

can someone tell me the value of those ?


Shiny Dewgong lvl 50 - 16/17/29/14/0/16 - nature: calm

Shiny Torkoal lvl 28 - 27/31/24/2/25/14 - nature: carful

Torkoal, is worth 3m for the IVs + 2.5-3.5m for being a torkoal and being male, making it a good curse egg move breeder, you can probably take more out of him, maybe 7-8m to the right buyer? Might take a long time. 

Dewgong completely depends, I've seen them go for as low as 1m, and as high as 3.5m, without having good ivs, supply and demand I guess..

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