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1 hour ago, talan86 said:

Hey guys! I want to sell this one! What is the price? Someone wants to buy it?


Considering it's careful and has 1 31 iv and is lvl 50 with really bad iv, not to mention it's ev trained I'd say about 30k or less.

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Would like some advice from ditto experts. I am wondering what a 4*31 ditto is worth. One with 31's in all the right places like hp atk def and speed or sp def. I know they are super rare and go for a few mil cuz some players believe in perfection of only ditto breed mons but how much do they go for? Thanks in advance

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2 hours ago, Goku said:

Like 60k considering it's not the right nature and only 2*31 it needs a breed for speed and then nature so keep that into account.

Ah that’s a shame, I shall keep Abra hunting then!

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