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1 hour ago, rythmstick said:

How much this guy worth? unknown.png

30 / 31 in Sp. Def would've been better as opposed to being present in both Attack & Sp. Atk.. somewhere between 200-300k imo.

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Welcome to the Value Advice thread; here you will be able to ask questions regarding your potential trades/purchases and they will be answered by the community.    Rules are as follows:

I mean, I think a bunch of players theoretically stand to make good money every time something like this raises in value, including myself, but I personally don't feel the need to sit and brag about h

Yeah, and you should actually read the debate first before spreading incorrect information. This is what kyu said: He never mentioned that they will return in the next Halloween event, nor that

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2 hours ago, rythmstick said:

What about this guy?

same price?


Unless someone plans on making that a LC Larvesta then 31 atk is useless, therefore it should be taken as a 4x breeder; and even then, Volcarona ideally needs 31 speed due to the new hidden power mechanics. It’s difficult to put a price on it but it’s definitely worth a lot less than the Whismur imo

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5 hours ago, PAMontezuma said:

how much is kyu hat worthing ?

I had an auction going for a couple weeks and ended up with a max offer of 8M, which I settled on. Not a lot of demand right now, but if you find the right guy it could go for more IMO. 



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20 hours ago, frimeur07 said:

HELLO all, 

I would like to have your opinion,price



15-20m imo


5 hours ago, CHUCKunso said:

Kinda interested to know the value of this good boy


20m+ easily, might get even higher if the right buyer.


2 hours ago, GBush said:

Shiny male jigglypuff value? 



7 hours ago, PAMontezuma said:

how much is kyu hat worthing ?

Bought one for 8m recently, sold it easily for 8.5m... And I'm pretty sure the buyer resold it for profit again. 

Since its hard to find on GTL, if you find someone who really wants it, can probably sell it for much more....

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