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So with Dungeons in the works as well as the new region, I'd like to suggest Raids to be a possible end game pve solution after all other major projects are done.

Think of these like bigger dungeons with bosses with better loot than what would be in dungeons. 

Say each dungeon (that is being worked on) has 3 bosses. Raids would have say 6 - 12 bosses. 

When you defeat a boss, you would be saved to that raid, this is to prevent players from killing 1 boss over and over in a short time. 

After defeating a boss a chest will appear that you can interact with (or pokeball item shenanigans) Which can give you great items to semi great items. This could be braces/vitamins/ability pill or even a rare pokemon with a higher chance of being shiny, or cosmetics that would be Raid only)than finding it elsewhere. Of course Rewards can be tweaked accordingly. However, a player can only obtain 1 chest at a time per raid, the further you are in the raid, the better the rewards. 

As for Boss ideas, think of them like Shadow Pokemon from XD Gale of Darkness but tougher. 

Every move regardless of type is a resisted hit when being used against the boss, with every move the boss uses is a super effective hit, and the boss can't be affected by a status condition (essentially comatose ability). This is to prevent toxic stall for easy wins. Considering this may be really difficult to solo, so I'd like to think that a party system can be in place with up to 3 people in total for essentially a triple battle against bosses. Otherwise getting to the boss random encounters would be 1v1s and you can only engage a boss when everyone is ready within 5 tiles of the boss in all directions. If you're fainted you would go to the entrance. 

You can not catch any bosses in the raid however any random encounter I would assume you could. 

All raids would reset on Wednesday at 0:00 server time (or some other time), this gives players a whole week to complete a raid, however to continue a raid all previous party members must be in a party with each other to continue it if a boss was killed with a party.  Once all bosses are defeated and a chest has been claimed by all party members, they would be warped to the entrance with a NPC blocking the entrance telling the player that the Raid has been completed, and to check back soon if they wish to challenge it. 

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