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[Art] Soda's Skatches 2.0

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*Quiero uno como foto de perfil pago lo de Color Skatch 300k [tambien lo  quiero el dibujo en .png si puede]


 *Lo quiero estilo como que lo estén invocando https://imgur.com/a/PU69ctc en los círculos esos que haya como rayos o algo haci la pose quiero que me impresiones puedes hacer que los rayos estén sujetando como cadenas en las manos o algo


*la mascara la quiero algo https://imgur.com/a/05EjxyM y https://imgur.com/a/Eu9V3WU que se parezcan mas o menos y los ojos tengan como una luz o algo haci https://imgur.com/a/VRdjHJG


*el traje lo quiero de una pieza algo https://imgur.com/a/aeYRQej https://imgur.com/a/Cycn8K9 algo haci


PD:Si me gusta pago mas y comprare mas xd





* I want one as profile picture paid in Color Skatch 300k  [I also want the drawing in .png if I can]

* I want it to be styled like what you are invoking https://imgur.com/a/PU69ctc in those circles that are like lightning bolts or that some pose that poses in my hands or something

* the mask I want something https://imgur.com/a/05EjxyM and https://imgur.com/a/Eu9V3WU that look more or less and the eyes have light or something https: // imgur .com / a / VRdjHJG

* the suit I want it in one piece something https://imgur.com/a/aeYRQej https://imgur.com/a/Cycn8K9 algo haci

PD: If I like to pay more and buy more xd

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On 8/27/2017 at 11:56 PM, SodaNaranja said:

Color skatch 300K

Hi Soda. 

i liked your art. <3

I'll be brief, I just want you to do the color sketch according to the images I'll leave you. Just keep in mind the age (24 years)


>Trainer Card Sprite:






Take your time and use your imagination, ask any question in the chat team or discord

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Hi pls do me in a color skatch


Here's my sprite:   8scewGA.png


Here's who I want my character to resemble minus the hair color and the beard:




and here are the three pokemon I want with me 







Do whatever you want with it tbh, I just want something made by you, I'll be really happy no matter how it ends up. 


(Can I have a sig too pls? Take ur time <3) 

That's 600k right? Can I add an extra tip cause ur attractive?

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Hi, first of all I would like to be able to buy you a drawing.

Characters: http://imgur.com/gallery/GIRy03


Age: 17


Pokémon: http://imgur.com/gallery/QdMkFYk


Expression: Smiling

The drawing is my character with that of a friend who was finished by the game, the two characters with an age of 17, both smiling, the Tangela shiny is the person's helmet, and the Haxorus of the white-haired person, For everything else, I would like you to surprise me with the drawing, although if possible I would like the place where we are out with something green, thank you for your time.





Hola ante todo. Me gustaría poder comprarle un dibujo.

Personajes: http://imgur.com/gallery/GIRy03d


Edad: 17 


Pokémon: http://imgur.com/gallery/QdMkFYk


Expresión: Sonriendo 

El dibujo es mi personaje con el de un amigo que se terminó por ir del juego, los dos personajes con una edad de 17, ambos sonriendo, el Tangela shiny es de la persona del casco, y el Haxorus de la persona de pelo blanco, por todo lo demás, me gustaría que me sorprendas con el dibujo, aunque de ser posible me gustaría que el lugar donde estemos fuera algo con vegetación, gracias por tu tiempo.

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On 9/17/2018 at 8:35 PM, awkways said:

Yo, would like 2 color Skatches of me & my babies


1st one like the one you did previously for me, same size and style just diff pokes and diff background (just be creative)

2nd one sig style just like you did for xkicco *-*




Summaries for reference:

  Reveal hidden contents


Peas & carrots

Here's the first one, sorry for the delay; i've been lazy. 

Unrelated note: Power may be the best girl but it's definitely NOT a good girl, if that makes sense.


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41 minutes ago, SodaNaranja said:

Here's the first one

Very very very cool. I didnt notice it was a chikorita egg till like 5 minutes of just lookin at it. Also i look slightly wicked which tbf is prob accurate


44 minutes ago, SodaNaranja said:

Unrelated note: Power may be the best girl but it's definitely NOT a good girl, if that makes sense.

Power for president so killing and eating ducks in parks is legal

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On 8/31/2020 at 8:02 AM, xez said:

Yo!  , do u still do those drawings ?


On 8/31/2020 at 3:01 PM, Kostch said:




On 7/1/2020 at 6:40 PM, SodaNaranja said:

I've returned, not taking any more requests from here on. I'll be doing the ones some of you posted and maybe some scribbles in between.

Shop's closed bois. He's just wrapping up the already submitted requests but not taking any new ones

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