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[PSL 8] Finals - Congratulations to the Hungry Salamences!!

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5 minutes ago, RysPicz said:

Pretty sure we can play one more season before the update. Let's be real, we didn't even have a proper PTS yet, remember when Hoenn was released? It will still take a fucking lot of time, we got one more season in gen3 (whatever) ahead of us

PSL Poke Aura edition ?

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8 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

 It won't be PSL, but it will be HYPE. 


Soon (or a few weeks from now)

Hello guys, I would like to up front with some spices I put into the footage before it is released:


1. No commentary, just greeting and sign off


2. Enhanced the time when Miltank was frozen

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5 hours ago, LifeStyle said:

Can we just not get a LYLE guy running PSL for once?

LF @Rigamorty @gbwead @OrangeManiac @Gunthug @JIceJDragon one of y'all should do it.

Gb or Gunth would be cool ye, Riga is fine too, Jice why not, but Orange is a disgrace to PSL for what he did last season, he's litterally the most biased dude out here by far, JJ is an innocent child next to him, fuck him.


How does it work to chose next host ? Just Zebra batonpassing right ? 

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5 hours ago, Kamimiii said:

How does it work to chose next host ? Just Zebra batonpassing right ? 

The real truth is that no one in their right mind would want to host. Zebra did a remarkable job and yet he's getting shit for a boring season and one or two questionable calls. I helped make the PSL a bigger event and now I'm going down as the most biased host because of Forf and Gbwead's frequent uguuing. Before that Orange and Gunt only lasted a season a piece because of the massive headache it is to run this event. After three season ThinkNice finally snapped and scammed the pot before getting himself banned in-game. 


So, how it usually works is this: the community says "let's wait for PSL", after a few weeks the community starts to say "we miss the PSL", the old host thinks to himself "do I want to deal with that shit again?", if yes he hosts, if no he looks for someone else to do the job or wait until someone else steps up. 


If @Rigamorty or @gbwead want to run it, all the power to them. I've already said I won't do it again, but I'm more than willing to help those two, or someone else, make the event a success. 

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