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Mr. Fuji's Disaster #5 (Wednesday, 16th August)

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Event Explanation:

Mr. Fuji has accidentally left open the door of his house and a ton of pokemon have escaped! Could you help us return the pokemon? The person who finds them first will get a nice reward!


Date & Time:

Wednesday, 16th August 9pm BST - 4pm EDT



Lavender Town, Mr. Fuji's House, Channel 7


20 rounds with $100.000 per round




  • Event information will be broadcast over Channel 7 Chat.
  • Each Pokemon will have one specific nature.
  • You win the round if you are the first one to submit your entry in NORMAL chat in Lavender Town, Mr. Fuji's House, Channel 7.
  • Only Pokemon caught after the event host announces its species for the round will be valid. 
  • The Pokemon must have your OT with 0 EXP and EVs.
  • You may not breed any Pokemon and submit it as an entry.
  • Any attempts to cheat will result in disqualification. 



Hosted by TheChampionMike 

GM: Noad

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Thank you everyone for joining Mr. Fuji's Disaster #5

Here are today's winners:


Round 1: Wurmple Bashful  Excavalier
Round 2: Electrike Naive  kniLwodahS
Round 3: Tentacruel Hardy  JIce
Round 4: Magikarp Quiet  DrayoWolf
Round 5: Diglett Timid  adamesh
Round 6: Drowzee Naughty  adamesh
Round 7: Psyduck Quiet  kniLwodahS
Round 8: Paras Careful  Excavalier
Round 9: Corphish Relaxed  kniLwodahS
Round 10: Gastly Brave  Excavalier
Round 11: Torkoal Mild  AdhemarScZ
Round 12: Vulpix Gentle  kniLwodahS
Round 13: Slowpoke Lax  LaussyStar
Round 14: Pikachu Bold  kniLwodahS
Round 15: Wooper Impish  adamesh
Round 16: Zubat Hasty  soniczen
Round 17: Meowth Rash  cpuaz
Round 18: Chinchou Calm  JIce
Round 19: Ditto Lax  adamesh
Round 20: Charmander Brave  DrayoWolf


Congratulations to the winners, hope to see you all next time!

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