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Who's That Pokemon? [Catching Contest] (Monday 21st August)

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Who's that Pokemon?

Test out your Pokemon knowledge with this catching event with a twist.




  1. There will be 10 rounds in this competition. You will need access to all maps across both regions to participate in this event. 
  2. In each round of this event a Nature and a clue to the identity of the Pokemon will be announced in CHANNEL CHAT by the event host. The first person to link the correct Pokemon with the corresponding Nature in NORMAL CHAT of Viridian's Trainer School, Channel 7 wins that round.


Below is an example of how each round works.

The clues will start out very vague. 


I will continue to give clues to the identity of the Pokemon for that round for every 2 minutes until someone wins.





The identity of the Pokemon in this example is Oddish. To win this round a player would have to be the first to link a Modest Oddish in Normal chat at my location. 



  1. Pokemon must have the OT of the player submitting it as an entry.
  2. Event information will be broadcast over CHANNEL CHAT, players should keep channel chat free of spam and be considerate to other users.
  3. Pokemon must be obtained after the first clue is posted in Channel Chat.
  4. All Pokemon must have no EVs and be submitted at the level it was caught. 
  5. In the unlikely circumstance of a draw, the winner will be decided by earliest catch time.
  6. Any attempts to cheat will result in disqualification.


Date: Monday 21st July

Time: 8:00 PM BST | 3:00 PM EDT | 5:00 AM AEST

Location: Trainer School, Viridian City Channel 7

Prize: $200,000 per round (Total of 10 rounds)


Your host: Noad

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Congratulations to the winners Excavalier (a lot of rounds), ricardodavid, GroceryStore, cpauz, MegaBladers.


Special thanks to @SecretDjinn for helping me last minute with translations and the Spanish players who also stepped in to help. <3

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