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As boss of HERB, I constantly find that the current rank system for teams is pretty restrictive with a) the number of people who can be a certain rank, b) the general lack of rank customisation options available for teams.  For example, it would be nice if we could add our own ranks to the team, so that there's something in-between commander and officer, etc. I know you can change privileges so that certain ranks get certain options available, but I think a bit more flexibility and acknowledgement that different teams use different systems would be really helpful. It's not a big deal, and IDK how hard it is to programme on developer's part, but it would make life easier (for me anyway). 

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Just to add to the OP, here is exactly what I would like to see added (whether this is at all possible I don't know):


-The option to allow extra spaces for a certain rank. Currently the format says 3 Exec, 5 Commander. I think it would be nice if we could change that ourselves in the team specific options- to make 4 Execs, 6 Commanders etc. 


-The option to re-name ranks. This is probably less simple/less likely to happen than the above, but it would be nice if we could make/name our own ranks within the team - Underboss, etc. 


Those are pretty much the two main things for me. I know there's other team related stuff which people have suggested on here before (like renaming teams or increasing space) but all in all I'd just like to see teams have a bit more flexibility/control over the way their team is set up. Doesn't seem too major, but please let me know if I'm wrong. 




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