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PVP Pokemon League

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Discord Link: https://discord.gg/wGfYwE3



As you might be aware, we are recreating (again) a run for the pokemon League (8 gyms + E4) for pvp.

Every trainer has then, to beat every gym leader, so to be able to challenge the E4 (champion stuff is still being discussed)

All the current gym leaders and E4 are the follows:


Gym Leaders:


forum name (ign) - gym type


  1. @eevee1012 (CalebJohnson) - Fire Gym / Temporarily Replacement - Pachima - Normal Gimmick Gym
  2. @kevola (Kevola) - Psychic/Flying gym
  3. @TrixieTheTank( TrixieTheTank) - Water/Ice gym
  4. @DarylDixon (Excavalier) - Psychic/Dark gym
  5. @HowLXG (HowLXG) - Water Gym
  6. @Suneet (Suneet) - Electric gym
  7. @aftershocker (Aftershocker) - Ground Gym
  8. @SweeTforU (SweetForU) - Flying Gym



Elite 4:


@Jordzi (Jordzi)

@notmudkip0 (Aimi)

@pachima (Pachima)


1- No challenger´s team can possess more than 2 pokemons of the type weaknesses of the primary type of the gym (ex: against a water gym, the challenger team can´t possess 1 grass and 2 electric types

2- Each gym will have bonus restrictions in addition to the previous one. These are the follows:



Water gym - Single 6v6 TM  OU


Ice gym (Trixie) - Single/Doubles 6v6 TM OU

Ground gym - Single 6v6 TM OU - Ice-typed moves forbidden

Fire gym - Single 6v6 TM OU - forbidden use of repeated type pokemons


Electric gym - Single 6v6 TM OU / Doubles 6v6 UU


Flying gym - Singles 4v4 TM OU


Dragon gym 


Psychic/Dark gym - Singles 6v6 OU



Also, you are allowed to challenge the gym leader number up to the number of badges you possess + 3 (With 0 badges, you can challenge gyms 0-3, with 1, the gyms 1-4, etc etc)

The last two gyms may only be challenged after having all the other ones.




After beating every gym leaders, challengers can then proceed to battle e4. Here, the challenger must set a team of 6 of his choice and proceed to inform us. Since some e4 battles will allow Ubers, challengers can also choose from 2 uber pokemon and set it as additional 2 teamslots, that can only be used against such e4 leaders. While battling all the members of E4, challenger´s cannot change their team, unless they lose, and therefore, having to start the e4 all over again (No need to redo the gyms)





PRIZE: 500k each run (Every player defeated)

            Update: The first person that beats all of us receives 2m.


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1- Non weekends (18:00 - 22:00 GMT)


3- Everyday (18:00 - 21:00 GMT)

4- Around everytime

5- Everyday (14:00 - 19:00 BST)

6- Everyday ( 18.00 - 20:00 BST)

7- Monday - Wednesday (Before 16:00 CST)





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Added discord link in OP. Challengers have access to every gym leader chatroom, as well as the E4 one.

In those chatrooms, the rules and schedules are informed (Most of them at least)

Also, the challengers have a chatroom for themselves, where they may discuss everything they want.

People can sign in to challenge us. Once we get enough challengers, we can start.

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3 hours ago, Illumino said:

I thought PokeMMO Already had an Elite Four team [EF]  that did this exact thing cough cough wink wink nudge nudge <3 <3

I thought said team was still in 'training stage' and had a completely different format (and a much lower organization level) than this...



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