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- Template1 -

Name: Kangatic

Render: Kangaskhan and its kid.

Text color (optional): Brown

Stain color (optional): Black

Edited by Kangatic

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Template1 -
Render: Gemini Saga performing the galaxy explosion
Text color (optional): gold
Stain color (optional):black or color to night
Donation: Depend on your talent :)

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- Template1 -
Render:Gallade and Gardevoir Love
Text color (optional):Blue mixed with a little love referencing my girlfriend S2
Stain color (optional):pink
Edited by Auraziads

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28 minutes ago, santiagossss said:

- Template1 -

Name: Sanalf

Render: gengar

Text color (optional): black

Stain color (optional): Black



Edited by santiagossss

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- Template1 -

Name: Hubbijul

Team: Reskia

Render: Shiny teddiursa

Text color (optional): whatever fits

Stain color (optional): same

Donation: 200k

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