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Mega Moemon Firered 2020 (1.1.10) October

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On 12/9/2020 at 5:14 PM, MoemonEnthusiast said:

Hey there! I have come across an ODD bug while fighting against the Gym Leader Giovanni...

When he ends the dialogue and goes to start the fight, I get stuck on a black screen. I can still hear music, but I can't select anything, so I know that I'm stuck before the battle can begin.


I'm wondering if any one of you guys have encountered the same bug and what could cause it. I have already completed the side quest that has you go to the Number islands with Bill to fix the PC, but even after finishing that, I can't fight him.

I can use savestates and I have one just before I talk to him, but other than that, I can't actually do anything that I think would solve the problem.

It could be the emulator.


I know that sometimes ROMs will bug out on certain emulators.


I remember Shantae worked perfectly fine on one emulator but freaked out to the point it became unplayable on VBA.


Currently I use JohnGBAC and haven't had any real problems. It's on android devices (you can search it in the GooglePlay store). 

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Mega Moemon FireRed The Cutest Romhack on Earth   Download Current(1.1.10a)   This is the most advance moemon Rom. It is specially curated to showcase the highest quali

I tried   EDIT: lighter hair

Fixed all the color palettes, made shinies, and made some minor adjustments here and there. Do as you will with them.

Posted Images

So I noticed the first page says it's the most up-to-date version, but let me ask a dumb question real quick: is there any estimation (I'm not anticipating any hard deadline) on when this might be completed to the degree of satisfaction by the author?

And in addition (or alternatively), what is the hope for this game to have done in order to be considered "complete"?

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On 7/5/2017 at 11:53 PM, Septentrion said:

Mega Moemon FireRed

The Cutest Romhack on Earth



Download Current(1.1.10a)


This is the most advance moemon Rom. It is specially curated to showcase the highest quality moemon sprite that exist while posing some gameplay challenges. There are many changed aspects include full gameplay changes such as Fairy typing, double encounters, and MEGA EVOLUTION.


Other Games

New Moemon Emerald. Randomization is supported and recommended for New Emerald.


New Heartgold and Platinum. Randomization is supported and recommended for HeartGold and Platinum.


Most of the features were done with the help of a pokecommunity baserom.


Art quality standards will exist, but generation 4, 5, and 6 are there to be covered. Any criticisms will be concise. I will include any worthwhile submissions from generation 4-6(and likely 7 as well). This is essentially an completionist project. Mega evolution are allowed to be a a bit crazy in concept, as long as sufficient quality is determined.


Stuff for sprite artists:

Sprite Collection

Sprite Collection 2

Icon Collection

I can replace if these links become invalid

LeafJewel's Drive of Moemon Sprites.


How to Mega Evolve:

1: Have Mega Bracelet in your inventory

2. Give the Moemon the correct mega-stone

3. In battle select Attack, then press Start(whatever your key is)

4. Use a move



  Reveal hidden contents


The other entities that own Pokemon

1020 Baseroom:
Spherical Ice
Pandirocks @17






Various Japanense Artist












Special Thanks


Known Bugs

  Reveal hidden contents

1) Read the readme

2) Sorting by nation dex cause crash



Discord Community


If you use an OS other than Windows, you're the expert.

Don't ask question that are answered by Google, pinned posts on Discord, announcements on Discord and readmes.





this dosnt work on PokeMMO since 3 years ago when they added Black/White lol

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We could use help with icons. That's been a pretty neglected part of this project.

Considering how actually doing Sinnoh starters took forever, what we progress on is somewhat random.


However, the next MMFR update will have lots of new and interesting moes, including one more Gen 8 evolutionary line, as well as a bunch of Gen 5 ones.

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On 2/18/2021 at 9:44 PM, Septentrion said:

¿Algún fanático de Unova por ahí? Podríamos usar algunos artistas nuevos ahora mismo.


Lo siento por jpg, pero esta es una imagen enorme. Los sprites están en el servidor

When the new Mega Moemon Fire Red update comes out
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On 2/27/2021 at 7:38 PM, IForgotMyUsername said:

Will the next Unova update have Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon like Zekrom and Reshiram?

That's not a priority right now. Kanto can only take so much firepower.

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Seem cant i cant found Latios or Latias i "borrow (steal actually using cheat code) from Lance. I only found his mega Latias and steal it. But a weird thing happen, it became mega evolution forever (for me its good). Now only just need to find latios . Is there Latios location in this game btw?

Screenshot (191).png

Screenshot (190).png

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