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[IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2019 (1.1.6) July Hotfix

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43 minutes ago, RaiHikari said:

Go to the Pewter City pokemon center and talk to the professor and he should update your dex so your later gen pokemon can evolve

Thank you worked!

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On 8/31/2019 at 12:44 AM, MoemonFan32 said:

Bug: The pokemon Amaura has its regular sprite in the party and pc box

Froslass, Emolga Lopunny and Amaura's Evolution as well~

if it is truly Following the Gen 6 Learning Table of attacks, then i found another bug~ 
Growlithe should learn Retaliate with 32 after agility on 30 
but it learns Body Slam instead on 32 Which it never learns by default in any other Generation

Found Another bug in the pokemon League while battling the last Pokemon of Elite 4 Lance 
Despite being hit by Flash 6 times it still attacked with a 100% Accuracy
Which is ok for Aerial Ace, but not for dragonpulse and Psychic, please fix
it kinda feels like it's making Accuracy changing attacks way more useless than they already are.

Edited by Lysithea

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Also i'm Finally done with my First Hall of Fame entry


Don't ask me how i did it but i cheesed the hell out of that with a level 60 team e-e
(Toxic stall Miltank and Perish song mismagius)

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Hello!! where i can find a tyrant and amaura?

Edit: I find the amaura so don`t need to answer this

Edited by Nick3009

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I'm having an issue. When I go to the pokémart in Cerulean City to the Mega Evolution Stone NPC, it just goes black screen...

Curious why it does this...

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