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[Sprite] KuddzZ "Spliceshop"


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I'm a lazy person so I changed the rules (amount of Pokémans is now 2 - 8), if you have given me a request that contains more then 8 pokemon, I'll give you 1 week to change the request to 8. If you don't change I'll just pick 8 pokemon out of the ones you choosed.

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Look at his bush.

Ye that's the thing I love the most from Beartic so I kept it :)

Dunsparce + Kyogre

This should be interesting.

Yay another Dunsparce fan!

For some reason I actually like this myself... I call it Derpwhale


EDIT: I also ad some Pokemons that no one requested, just made these 4 fun

Octrio & Glortle


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