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[PSL 8] Midseason Player Signups

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Are you a competitive player that was not able to commit to the first few weeks of PSL, but still want a taste of the action? Or are you a player that unfortunately went undrafted in the preseason auction and want another chance to redeem yourself? Then the midseason draft is for you!




During the midseason break between weeks 4 and 5, there will be a midseason draft for the PSL teams to obtain some fresh faces to their rosters. Along with the draft, there will be various tournaments and activities for people to take part in.




If you are not currently in PSL, but are interested in joining, then sign up below using the following form:







*In the tiers section, list the tiers you prefer to play. In the fluff section, add any information that you feel might help get you purchased. 


Players that sign up for the midseason draft will be selected by the PSL managers. The order of the draft is determined by the ranking of the teams at the end of Week 4. The last place team will get the first pick in the draft, the 7th place team will get second pick, etc. Once each team has drafted a player, the cycle will restart with the last place team again. Managers are free to abstain from the draft if they feel they do not need any other players for their team. Managers are not limited to how many players they pick up at midseason, but keep in mind, the more players you have, the less payout you will receive if you win the 50mil + prize, so choose your players wisely. 


Players chosen at midseason will only receive half of the normal prize, due to them only participating roughly half of the time as the other players.



Sign ups will be allowed until July 8th, at 11:59 PM EST. No sign ups will be allowed after that. I (or JIce) will be adding the signups to a google doc for the players and managers to see. 

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For more that is not for a high price I would like to have the experience so in case I have errors and no longer commit.
That is my opinion if they buy me I will thank them.

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Just now, DoubleJ said:

Then you can be even more elite than Doc, I believe.

i dont want to be elite. i want to have noobs in my team i can teach and watch grow from mediocre players into players better then me. i want it to be like the old days when getting a few good players and a ton of people with potential was the best strategy and those good players would teach the rest and the psl would improve the community as a whole.

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