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*Results* Creative Writing Contest: Picture Prompts

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Tempted to say screw the prize and post about 7,000 words for my entry. Been working on it all day at the office, very excited for this. Wish I could do more with the floatzel pic but I'm gonna have to go zard

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On 7/5/2017 at 9:17 AM, Gunthug said:

Tempted to say screw the prize and post about 7,000 words for my entry. Been working on it all day at the office, very excited for this. Wish I could do more with the floatzel pic but I'm gonna have to go zard

Avatar bet for one month?

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Oooo i got service just in time for another writing contest. I dont know all the new mons so Im gunna have to go Zard myself. Ive not got any immediate ideas but Im sure Ill come up with something. Bonus points if I can still put a Lovecraft spin on it lol

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My name is Charizard. Some rat kid trainer used six shiny rats against me. I think his name was @Parke. They weren't much of a challenge but they were annoying. Look what they did to my wings!


IGN @TheMaxiPro

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IGN: DoubleJ

Word Count: 593



It’s 4:00am and I have to urinate for the fifth time tonight. Ugh, what a life I have lived. It’s been 18 years since I first hatched from my egg, but in PokeYears I’m about 72 years old. Yes, we Pokemon age four years for every one a human does. Similarly to dog years, but a little longer fortunately. Oh my Arceus, it’s a struggle to even just lift my old body out of bed. The creaks and cracks of osteoarthritis, the unsteadiness of my weakening vestibular system, and the diminished vision from macular degeneration. A retinal tear just waiting to happen and then I could be completely blind. I’m stumbling through my dark cave just to reach the entrance as is.


Finally reaching the edge, I struggle to even produce a stream worthy of my bladder; a bladder that screams with urgency as I continue to plead for it to empty. Benign prostatic hyperplasia was what Nurse Joy told me, I think. Something plugging up the pipes or whatever. But then again my memory hasn’t been what it was ever since I took that Rock Slide in 2004. Never risk the speed tie against a Salamence. I learned that lesson the hard way.


Oh how my wings ache too. Stretching them out is a chore, and then I remember that the right was amputated just beyond the humerus, leaving behind a frayed dactylopatagium major. Diabetes is no joke. With my poor vision I wasn’t able to see the small ulcers that were perforating my distal wing margins. There wasn’t any pain either, which is something Nurse Joy said was associated with the diabetes itself. With time, those ulcers became infected and the infection penetrated deep into the bone; osteomyelitis. It was the wing or me, so I chose a life on the ground. Better off that way I suppose. I hadn’t flown in several years and was told not to for the safety of others.


Well, it looks as though I’m going to get as much out as I can. Two shakes or you’re playing with it someone once told me. I glance up and notice the distant region of Kanto. The starlit sky is ablaze with mystery. I can recollect many fond memories of a prior life. A life that was filled with turmoil, tears, and absolute glory. My trainer had garnered some impressive acclaim throughout his journeys and I’m happy to recall that I was there for most of it, even if I didn’t particularly enjoy the lifestyle we lived. It was so embarrassing to live in that PokeBall, and even more embarrassing to have to endure all of that nonsense at the Charicific Valley. Fortunately, I proved myself there, but unfortunately my trainer left me then. I can never understand why he ran away without me, but during my time in that valley I met Charla. A fair trade in the end.


Oh, my Charla. How I miss you my dear… I wonder when I’ll be with you again? The stars remind me of a poem I had once spoke to you…


Charla, in the never-ending storm that is our life, our hearts burn as one. As vividly as the most devine eruption our passion never ceases to be.

You are with me and I am with you, and together our flame will never fade to blue.


… I guess I’ll try and get some more rest tonight. Enough of these nostalgic thoughts. Hopefully I don’t trip and fall, a pelvic fracture is the last thing I need at my age.



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No. of Word: 389

Plus title and a little intro : total of 546


I choose prompt no.1, coz’ I remember my first ever 4x31 Pokémon which is a Charizard. I was so happy when I knew that I could change hidden power for him. Then I rush to Fortree and had two hard stone to change hp. Then I was shock, like being fooled by the old lady. How there they are messed up the ivs :_:. Then I talk back to them to understand the situation. It enlightens me. Whenever you’re going to change hp you will have to pay a great price, kaboom! Iv messed up </3. This is what I call as a part of being a newbie.


The change of ivs is like having a Zard with a broken wing. However, FYI my Zard is sweeping in pvp. I love it more than ever. If ever I will not win this competition at least I had dedicated a piece for my mighty Zard<3.



We Are One



We laugh! We cry! We live and die!

I flap my wings and fly high above the sky.

With you by my side,

I’ll keep shining like the sun,

And you’ll keep shining with your smile.


I’ll keep you warm in the cold nights.

I’ll be your strength when you’re weak.

I’ll protect you with all my heart.


Then I lost my wing, I lost my faith.

I was scared and hide in the dark.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide,

But you came to light my life again.


You said, “We laugh! We cry! We fight! We are ONE!

No one can replace you,

Coz’ I tame you, and you tame me.

I will love you, for you,

Not for what have you done or what you’ll become.”


I see her tears flowing through her cheeks.

I see her pain, her pain is real.

I break her heart and torn it apart,

Then I’m not worthy of you my lady.


I tried to flee, you grasp my wing.

I shudder to escape but you fall down,

You shout, “Why?”I stop.

“Didn’t you understand?

You are my happiness and you are my pain.”


I turn around,

I was stunned.

I see blood gushed in her arms.

I hurriedly came to her.


She utters and cries from the deepest of her soul,

 “I always pray: Dear God won’t you please,

Send someone who will love me for me.

Then you came along, everything was bright.”


I remembered everything we had done together.

We laugh, we cry, we fight.

We live and die.

We are one.


When she had me as an egg, she was so happy.

She carefully takes care of me until I hatch.

My first glimpse of her, she smile like floating in a cloud nine,

I was delighted to be with her, as she with me.


I grab her arms,

Heal her wounded arm,

Heal her wounded heart.


A ray of sunshine pierces in her face,

I see her smile again.

Then I will promise,

I would never tear her heart again.


Now, with one wing I am much stronger.

 I soar much higher above the skies,

With my lady by my side, I’ll be better.

She is my friend, she is my heart.


We laugh!

We cry!

We fight!

We live and die!

We are ONE.


Edited by icelly
typing error x2 XD

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IGN: GergFalerg

word count: 1,117



Boku no Wingu



Once there were two charizards. They were close brothers. All they had was eachother. The older brother was kind, supportive, and generally awesome to the younger one. The younger brother relied a lot on the older one, and appreciated everything his brother does for him. He always learned a lot from his brother, like a mentor. The one thing the older brother made sure the younger one didn’t forget no matter what, is to Survive. The younger brother wanted to be like his brother someday.


One afternoon, on a snowy hillside, there was a solitary weavile. He had a focused look on his face while he was attempting to hone his various moves. Ambitious, would be the best word to describe this weavile. He was always looking for a challenge, any opportunity to improve himself. Fighting and improving everyday. He decided a long time ago that this was the only way he could move forward, to get stronger. He hopes that someday he can maybe redeem himself and be able to go back home.

It was getting darker in the afternoon when the weavile heard a muffled cry for help from further down the hill. He headed to where the sound came from, all the while being cautious. He heard the muffled cry again, making him pick up his pace heading towards the source. Then, the weavile saw a flame. Getting closer, he identified that it was a charizard. It was in very bad shape with one wing clearly missing. The weavile instinctively took a step back, but saw that it was in pain and in need of some help. So he pulled the charizard’s arm over his shoulder and started to drag him up the hill thinking, “What am I doing?”. He thought he heard a “thank you” but it was too faint to be certain.


The charizard woke up in a cave. It was a simple shelter, big enough to barely fit both of them.

“Hey, keep your tail away from me!” voiced the weavile.

The charizard saw the weavile sitting, arms crossed. “Oh sorry, how long was I asleep?” asked the charizard, still weak from his injuries.

“Did you know you wave your tail around insane when you sleep? You’re lucky I’m fast and can avoid it!” said the weavile, ignoring the charizard’s question.

“I’ve heard that before, my older brother…” the charizard stopped, and started recollecting everything that happened. “Something attacked us,” he said.

“Hmm? What was it?” asked the weavile.

“It was so faSt. Before we knew what was happening, I had already lost my wing,” said the charizArd. “If my brother didn’t push me out of the way, I wouLd have lost an eye too,” he continued. “I guess it focused on the weAker one first,” he chuckled. “Then, my brother flew up and went after it. He tried to fight it in the sky, but it was too strong,” said the charizard, shaking his head. Then he continued, “Brother then flew down to me and said, ‘I’ll buy you soMe time. You get as far as you can away from here. Don’t worry about me.’ “ I had no choicE but to run away,” said the charizard. “All I could thiNk of was what he taught me. I wanted to go baCk but I was too weak,” he said. Then he lookEd at the weavile and said, “I still don’t know what it was.”

“I understand,” said the weavile, putting some food between them. “Something that strong is out there?” he thought as he tried to hide his smile.

The charizard didn’t notice. “I thought weaviles traveled in groups. Why are you by yourself?” asked the charizard, while getting some food.

“I think one life-changing story is enough for tonight,” said the weavile, attempting to avoid the subject. Then he adviced the charizard to get some more rest and he also went to sleep.


A few days pass…

One late afternoon, next to a well-traveled path, on a sunlit meadow, there was a jolly charmander and a quiet kirlia sitting side by side. Some sticks they had gathered earlier were in front of them. They were talking comfortably, with some laughter sprinkled here and there. It was starting to get dark so the charmander stood up and lit a campfire with his ember. He looked back at the kirlia and she smiled. As he sat back down beside her, they saw two shapes coming down the path. The charmander instantly recognized the tail-flame from a charizard which somewhat lit up the weavile walking beside it. The charizard waved friendlily as they were getting closer. The kirlia saw the weavile and tried to hide behind the charmander.

The charizard saw this and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, he won’t bite.” (the weavile doesn’t know the move Bite)

The kirlia calmed down a bit but was still partially hidden behind the charmander, holding his arm. The charizard sat down near the campfire but the weavile sat down further away, avoiding the heat. The charmander saw the charizard’s scar and missing wing but decided not to ask about it. The weavile could barely be seen. It was nighttime now.

“So, a charizard and a weavile traveling together, that’s pretty rare,” remarked the charmander. “Where are you two going, if you don’t mind me asking?” he asked, following up his comment.

“We’re looking for his brother’s killer,” said the weavile bluntly, surprising both the charmander and the kirlia but also making them somewhat understand what happened.

The charizard glanced back at the weavile and nodded, then explained to the other two, “This weavile is helping me avenge my older brother. He has helped me a lot already, after finding me a few days ago.”

The weavile looked away, thinking of the actual reason he offered to help find the killer. “If I defeat whatever it was, it would mean I’m strong enough now,” he thought.

The charmander and kirlia looked at eachother, still very surprised.

“You two are cute together,” said the charizard, lightening the mood.

Both the charmander and the kirlia blushed, looked in opposite directions, and smiled a little.

Suddenly, something big landed near them and shook the ground. They all stood and looked around for what it was. The charizard saw a shape of something in the distance that he thought was probably dangerous. So he covered the two younger ones with his wing (image prompt 1). Then the weavile dashed and stood in front of the charizard, ready to attack.

The shape got closer and said, “I finally found you!” Then a faint light started to appear behind the shape as it got even closer.






Edited by GergFalerg

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2 hours ago, pachima said:

Can someone enlight me about what are we supposed to write about the images?


5KrwZpS.png For this contest we want you to produce a piece of Pokemon themed writing based on one of the two image prompts below. 

5KrwZpS.png You are welcome to base the events in your story around whatever you wish, as long as we can relate it back to the prompt you have chosen. 

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3 minutes ago, Gunthug said:


5KrwZpS.png For this contest we want you to produce a piece of Pokemon themed writing based on one of the two image prompts below. 

5KrwZpS.png You are welcome to base the events in your story around whatever you wish, as long as we can relate it back to the prompt you have chosen. 

Thats exactly what I cant understand lol. Pretty sure its clear as crystal but something´s missing me.

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30 minutes ago, pachima said:

Thats exactly what I cant understand lol. Pretty sure its clear as crystal but something´s missing me.

write a story nabb

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First Draft here goes nothing





        Time is not a luxury injured pokemon have especially when wild. This unfortunately happens to be where this tale begins. Late one evening A young girl was making her way home when he tripped over a small lump which shuddered as she tripped, with that she noticed a very faint orange glow from behind the lump. "Oh a charmander" she gasped. This charmander is in a grave condition but being too far away from the nearest pokemon center there was only one option available. I must hurry as fast as I can "To the adoption center" she cried.

The young girl carried the charmander and ran as fast as she dared all the while shielding the ever dying tail flame.

         After what seemed to be an perpetuality her burning legs had brought her to the adoption center. Screaming for help at the door, desperation growing. suddenly the door opened. "What is the meaning of this?" asked the old man. There was no time to explain the situation that had brought her to the center. The young girl uttered a single word "charmander". With that the old man scooped up the struggling pokemon, "quickly hand me that hyper potion!"

          In a matter of minutes the grief was fading and loud calls could be heard throughout the building "CHAR". Relief washed over the pair as they watched the newly rejuvenated pokemon hop with delight. "That was close little one" sighed the old man. "Perhaps now you can explain all of this" asked the old man. The young girl retold the story. "Charmander owes you its life" replied the old man. Saving the pokemon was more than it's own reward for the girl. With that the young girl took her leave.

          After a month of recovery the charmander scarred but healthy was able to be put up for adoption. Countless times the young pokemon watched trainers arrive and adopt its friends but no one ever wanted charmander. This anger and resentment drove charmander to grow stronger at all costs. In every waking moment the desire to train compelled it to gather experience.

           It was almost two years before fate intervened. While picking berries on a cliff side that same young girl slipped over the edge and began falling. Flying out far off was the newly evolved charizard who at once recognized the girl and gave a huge roar. With all the speed it could muster it flew to rescue the girl. Just before the moment of impact charizard managed to catch the girl But charizard hit the ground severely damaging it and losing a wing. The debt was repaid but at great cost. Never again would this charizard soar above the clouds or see the world as it was born to do. Realizing the sacrifice charizard made the girl broke into tears, sobbing uncontrollably the charizard reached into her bag and threw a pokeball into the air. This act began their glorious story.

           The weeks began to pass, charizard healed quickly. It’s pride damaged but the heart of a champion will not be denied. Leaving as soon as they could the young girl set off with her best friend to conquer the pokemon world. While traveling to Pewter city to begin their gym challenge they encountered many wild pokemon and trainers alike but none could withstand their will to be the best. The bond between them developing. Each becoming so in tune with the other that words were no longer necessary. One by one trainers fell before them until they were finally at Pewter City gym. This was to be their first real test

            Knowing the gym would prove to be a massive challenge as rock type pokemon were favoured here, they bravely entered without a second of hesitation. They made eye contact with the first trainer and instantly the first battle began. “go sandslash” bellowed the trainer. With a glance at the girl charizard knew what to do. With a deep inhale charizard took in light, the sandslash began to swords dance but before the it could land a hit the solarbeam blasted sandslash directly rendering it unconscious. The battle was won.

            Moving on to the next trainer and having revealed solorbeam would only increase the difficulty they faced. “that was impressive, no one has tried such a risky tactic before. I won’t be defeated so easily” remarked Brock. With a smile the girl nodded to charizard who began to roar to demonstrate it’s power. The leader sent out Golem. “Golem, rock blast!” but charizard was too quick and easily dodged the attack. Suddenly there was a fracture in Brock’s rocky expression. With a raised hand charizard began running straight at golem. Golem’s panic was obvious but without the relfexes to move out of charizards reach it was thrown into the air. “Interesting” Brock muttered once again calm and collected. Charizard began taking in light. Golem’s speed was increasing rapidly bringing it closer to its mark, “explosion now golem” he said nonchalantly. With the meeting of explosion and solarbeam in the arena it became impossible to tell what the outcome was.

            The dust cleared revealing that just before golem could unleash it’s explosion it had been struck by the solarbeam. The fall then ko’d golem. “finally a real challenge after all this time” Brock quickly called out. Now the last of Brock’s pokemon was to enter the fray. “we are ready for this” the girl and charizard now more confident. “Onix I choose you” yelled Brock. Defiantly the girl clapped her hands, charizard responded by using dragon claw. “you really expect that to work?” laughed Brock. But no sooner had Brock ordered onix to rock slide the strategy had been revealed! “Hidden power” the girl shouted. “No, this is not possible” gasped Brock. With sturdy broken the hidden power demolished onix. The battle was over.

            Winning the badge was the first major achievement. Bringing them one step closer to being the pokemon champion. But that my friends is a tale for another time.





Edited by WaterFTW
cuz im a moron who makes a load of mistakes

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Nope I'm old anything past gen 3 is newer than I played originally so figured I'd go with what I know lol.

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4 hours ago, Gunthug said:

Saw someone named waterftw posted, thought we might finally get a buizel entry haha

I'm working on it.

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[Prompt 2]


It had been... who knows how long. Hours? Days? I couldn't tell anymore as I trudged my now filth covered shoes through the halls of the cave. My dear Buizel wasn't looking too good, but the little guy held in there to walk beside me. I could tell he was getting hungry. I'll admit it. I was too. But being surrounded by bright yellow static charged arachnids really puts one off their appetite. We found ourselves again facing the mirrorlike surface of the cave wall. I look terrible... Buizel looks scared... are we ever going to get out of here? As my pessimism began to swallow me, I didn't notice sparking rocks coming to life around us both until Buizel latched onto my leg in fear. I looked down, seeing his wide eyes now full of tears. I glanced around at the strange floating electric rocks and forced a smile, patting the Pokemon's head. A paw shakily extended to one of the airbound stalagmites before I could command him to do otherwise. The words from my teacher in the Trainer's School echoed through my entire body. Electric is super effective against water.


(This was fun! Trainer name is MahinaKeawe)

Edited by Mahina

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Prompt 2 Pokemon:  Brick Breaking Bad  (770 Words) IGN: Xatu



Pokemon:  Brick Breaking Bad  (770 Words)


Its a cold fall evening in a land of Pokemon.  Even with elemental creatures running amuck the world is still all too real.  Battling and studying pokemon can be nothing but fun but behind the scenes lives a world or organized crime, police corruption, and government conspiracies.  

Mr. White was just an ordinary Pokemon professor.  He taught poke-chemistry in a local high school not far from pewter city.  Mr. White didn’t particularly love or hate his job, but after a while he came to really look forward to his retirement and a life of leisure.  This was until he received a phone call after class one day.


“Hello is this Mr. White?” Said a somewhat familiar voice over the phone line


“Yes speaking”  Said White.


“Mr. White this is your doctor.  Im sorry to inform you about this but…. you have cancer Mr. White.  And we believe its spreading.”


“Well what can we do about it?”


“Not much we can do for now, its up to you to inform your family and we can start treatment immediately.”


“Well thats going to be expensive right?!”


“Lets just say its gonna costs a few big nuggets”


Mr. White drove home and turned on the public radio station.  National Pokemon Radio, NPR for short.  They were interviewing the local border police about a huge seizure of illegal drugs and weapons.  

The police chief said “… Yes we believe the seizure of 1000 lbs of the incredibly illegal yellow shard to be worth over 2 billion pokeyen. from a local crime syndicate who goes by the name of Team Rocket.”


This made the gears start turning in Mr. White’s head.  He thought to himself.

“I could synthesize that in the lab, and make it even more pure!”


Instead of taking his usual route home Mr. White turned toward Vermillion City.  The local place where all the homeless and street kids hang out.  

He pulled up the the square and spotted an old student of his.  He could see him selling the illegal narcotics.  Mr. White put on his hat and jacket and walked up to the man to greet him.


“Hey Jessie.”  Said White


“Oh **** its miszter hizter Whizite up in this *****,  what the **** you doing’ in my hood fam?”  Says Jessie


“Wow Jessie I see you’ve really changed but could you perhaps speak in english when I’m talking to you, I barely even could understand what you just said…. Anyway I have a business proposition for you Jessie ma boy."


“Oh yeah I’m game Mr. White you know I’m always trying to turn a profit ya heard?”


“Yes Jessie I heard.  So you know that yellow shard stuff going around?  I can make it, but I can make it more pure than anyone has ever seen before.”  


“Oh **** Mr. White you hardcore ************ you know i can hang dawg.  Me and all the crew smoke up the yellow shard all day son.  I buy it from the team rocket dealers all the time.”


“Good well ill need you to move it for me Jessie, I’ll give you a 50% cut.”


“Sound good bro”


And they shake hands.  


“Get into my car Jessie, I know a place near here we can cook.”


“Aw great bro, I’m used to doing it in a hotel room, you’re so professional and ****.”


Mr. White drove a long ways to an abandoned and haunted trailer in the middle of nowhere.


“Do you have a pokemon jessie?  We are going to need one to grab the shards for us.  Unfortunately it will hurt the pokemon."


“Like how bad bro?  I got one but its been my bro since like… forever man.”


“Not too bad Jessie, It might cry a bit.  But it should survive.”


“Shit i guess bro,  i wish you had one though”


Mr. White and Jessie got to work mixing up chemicals he had stolen from the school on the way to the trailer.  They donned chemical suits and worked from sunrise to sundown.  In the morning they approach completion.


“Ok Jessie see it floating there.  Have you’re buizel grab it and we are done.  Then we will be rich”


“Yeah science *****! But why the **** is it blue bro?” says Jessie


“Yes Jessie this is 99.9% Blue Shard.  The purest to ever be created”


They then walk into the sunrise, carrying 4 death sentences worth of illegal drugs.


“Maybe ill be able to leave my family with something… not just debt….”  Says White.

Its said he was never the same person ever again since this day.   



Edited by Xatu

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IGN: Terrikah

Prompt 1




You dare try to control me child, you who does not know the pain of fighting each day against your own kind. I know your intentions for bringing me to this cave. You thought that you would give me one more chance to bow to you before casting my ball away into the abyss of this cave. You humans cast us away as fast as you capture more of my kind.

We used to be the rulers of the sky and yet you don't even recognize us as the dragons we are. Now we are no more than livestock to you, using us to further your ambitions and dreams, But what happens when we have had enough. When we can simply fight no longer, such is the position is sit in.

I have been fighting alongside your kind for ages human, My first owner was a kind young man who simply wanted to become the strongest of his species. This is a goal which is respectable among our kind, but sadly humans can only live for so long. In his later ages this kind man fell ill in the middle of the mountains. We could not move him due to fear of the illness getting worse. I was passed on to his child and never saw the man again.

The child was very different from my first owner. He started kind like his father but in his teenage years fell into a human trap known as gambling. It seemed to be some sort of game of chance, and with this game came consequences. He lost everything from his father in this dangerous game. The only way to earn anything back was to play again, but he had no other possessions than our kind who fought side by side with his father.

You can tell where this is going human, can’t you. From that point I was traded alongside my companions many times. There were good owners and bad ones but my only regret during this period was letting them split me from my friends. I was traded to a fire maniac. I was traded to a 5 year old lad who wanted to complete a “pokedex”. I was traded to a mysterious owner who traded me back immediately, I do not know what he disliked about me but he kept rambling about a trade evolution working perfectly even though I am at my maximum evolution.

And finally we arrive to you, my latest master. You are the Cruelest master I have known yet. I have watched as you bike between two towns for days just to hatch eggs, at which point I felt a bit of compassion towards you. But this feeling was soon lost after seeing you abandon many newborns for now having some kind of “IV’s”. I have seen you abandon many of my kind and only keep a few with you. Although I was only kept to fly you around to other destinations, I could not urge myself to run away because no other trainers seem to want the mighty Charizards during this time. I have forced myself to watch as you work others of my kind to death then abandon them inside the metal box, which has kept thousands prisoner for years. You never feed us or pay us any attention when we are harmed or sick, instead you force us to keep working until we are beaten by another or tire from exhaustion.

Now we sit here today in this cave as I ask of you to give me a gift before throwing me in. There Is a place called pallet town where I spent most of my time with my first owner. If possible I would like to smell the air there one last time.



Edited by Terrikah

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So Im rewriting my story (rough draft vs final draft) and I got excited and I wanted to share a teaser for it cuz I was rather proud of the story so far.


My story is going to be based off of Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft, with a few elements from The Beast in the Cave, Pickman's Model, and The Call of Cthulhu.


I will hopefully finish it and post it in the next couple days.

Edited by WolfgangDamien

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