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Buff, Nerf, Delete

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Let's play a game! Just for fun and as the title says... if you could buff one Pokemon, nerf one Pokemon, and delete one Pokemon from the game, who would you pick?


Don't flame others for their choices. Remember, this is just a light-hearted game for fun.


Please follow friendly etiquette and for the love of Arceus follow the PokeMMO ToS.


I'll start.


Buff: Sunflora, because I love it but it's just so slow even with Sunny Day on. </3

Nerf: Umbreon, because I'm obsessed with Special Sweepers and... y'know. /bias

Delete: Breloom, because Spore + Focus Punch is a ridiculous combo if you're not prepared. LOL

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Just now, RysPicz said:

Buff: Tournament prizes

Nerf: RNG during tournaments

Delete: cookies and upgrades from mystery boxes

smh why you gotta make it political

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Buff: Dragonair (such a nice looking pokemon, such a trash pokemon) 

Nerf: Breloom

Delete: Snorlax (Gamefreak's biggest mistake) 

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