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[MOD] Animated Battle Sprites (Shinies Only)

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I saw @Raederz use something similar to this, so decided to make this myself. This is a mod that uses animated battle sprites, but only for shiny Pokémon. This is useful especially when shiny hunting, as it allows you to differentiate between shiny Pokémon and normal ones. Examples of when this can be useful are when there is a shiny Pokémon on your screen that looks like its none-shiny counterparts, eg. shiny Seel and normal Seel (amirite @AlateaOlwyn). Am I cool yet @RysPicz???






In this case, the Unown is animated because it is shiny, while the Meowth is not, because it is non-shiny.




In this case, the Golem and Starmie are animated, as they are shiny, while the Kingdra and Manectric are not animated, as they are not shiny.

Special thanks to @SweeTforU for helping take this screenshot.



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9 minutes ago, Raederz said:

But Shiny Seel has nothing to do with Seel.

They're pretty much the exact same thing

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Tbh, when I found seel I instantly saw it was shiny even before I saw the name. And it was a single encounter.

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