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      Rules for Ingame | Forums | IRC   04/29/2016

      Welcome to PokeMMO! This is the PokeMMO Code of Conduct, which states how we moderate the various services provided by us (Forums, In-Game, IRC). You are required to follow this Code of Conduct while using our Forums and playing the Game: 1. Rules related to "Chat" and communication with other users: a. You may not harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other persons using our Service (Players and PokeMMO's Staff). This includes posting insulting, offensive, or abusive comments about people, repeatedly sending unwanted messages, reporting players maliciously, attacking a player based on race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, etc. b. You may not spam, flood, or repeatedly make duplicate posts. Messages composed of gibberish ("fjdklasjfld" "asdfsafdsa" "uiouoiuoiuoi") are considered spam. c. You may not impersonate any PokeMMO staff (volunteer or employed.) d. You may not solicit, advertise, or promote any services other than PokeMMO via PokeMMO's services (forums, in game, irc, etc). e. You may not upload, attempt to distribute files, or facilitate the distribution of files that contain viruses, corrupted data, or any other malicious software. f. You may not distribute or facilitate distribution of any pirated or illegal software while using PokeMMO's Services. g. You may not transmit, distribute, or facilitate distribution of any person's personal information (name, account name, telephone number, address, etc.) h. You may not transmit, post, link to, or facilitate distribution of any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, infringing, obscene, hateful, vulgar, racially or ethnically offensive imagery or content. i. You will follow the instructions of PokeMMO's Staff while using PokeMMO's Services.   2. Rules related to Gameplay: In addition to all rules defined by Section 1 of the Code of Conduct: a. You may not exploit errors in design, features which have not been documented, or "bugs" to gain access which is otherwise not available, or to gain an advantage over other players. b. You may not communicate any exploitable issues (defined in Section 2 Paragraph A of the Code of Conduct) either directly or through public posting, to any other users of PokeMMO. c. While participating in Player vs Player (PvP) gameplay, You may not participate in any form of match manipulation. Match manipulation is defined as any action taken to manipulate the outcome of a match, or alter or manipulate any official rankings. d. You may not use cheats, automation software (bots), macros, hacks or any third-party software which can be detrimental to other users' experience, nor will you relay or store any items for other users who are using these processes. e. You may not exploit the game or any of its parts for any commercial purpose, including without limitation: I. Gathering in-game currency, items or resources for sale outside the Game (commonly known as "Real Money Trading") II. Performing in-game services in exchange for payment outside the game. III. For use at a cyber cafe, computer gaming center or any other location-based site without the express written consent of PokeMMO.   3. Rules related to Usernames: When you choose a character name or a username or otherwise create a label which can be seen by other users when using our Services, you must abide by the following guidelines. You may not use any Username which: a. Belongs to another person with the intent to impersonate that person, including PokeMMO's Employees, Volunteers and any other user of PokeMMO's Services; b. Incorporates offensive racial, ethic, national, or cultural connotations; c. Is sexually suggestive or pornographic; d. References any form of criminal activity or drugs; e. Makes inappropriate references to the human anatomy or bodily functions; f. Uses misspellings or alternative spellings of any of the above guidelines.   These guidelines may not cover all inappropriate or disallowed names. PokeMMO reserves the right to reject any name it concludes, at its sole discretion, to be indecent, obscene, offensive, or otherwise violates the naming guidelines. 4. Miscellaneous Rules: In addition to all rules defined by Sections 1 and 2 of the Code of Conduct: a. You may not attempt to or facilitate any attempts to bypass any restrictions set in place against user accounts or characters. b. Exploits (as defined by Section 2, Paragraph A of this document) must be communicated to PokeMMO's Staff within a reasonable timeframe either via PokeMMO's Website or the e-mail address:[email protected] c. You may not use any unauthorized third-party software that intercepts or otherwise collects information from or through the Game or Service, including without limitation any software that reads areas of RAM used by the game, any program which reads and attempts to manipulate network traffic between your Game Client and the Game Server. d. You agree that You will not, under any circumstances violate any applicable law or regulation in connect with Your use of the Game or PokeMMO's Services. e. You may not disrupt or assist in the disruption of: I. Any computer used to support the Services (each "Server") II. Any other player's Game experience   5. Forum-specific policies: The rules in this section apply specifically to the forums at https://forums.pokemmo.eu/ a. You are required to use the English language when using the PokeMMO forums. Posts written in other languages are required to have an English translation appended to the post.     6. Violation Reports: If you find a player who is violating the Code of Conduct on these forums, please take the time to report it to us by using the Report button under their post, or the Report button in their profile. If you find a player in-game who you suspect is violating this code of conduct, please take the time to report it to us in the Player Reports section of this forum: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/   7. Notes: Certain passages of the PokeMMO Code of Conduct have been simplified in this version. These simplifications include: The term "PokeMMO's Employees" and "PokeMMO's Volunteers" are encompassed by the term "PokeMMO's Staff"     You may find the full, legally binding version of this document at http://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct/ This document was last updated on June 30th, 2013.
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      Rules for Trade Corner - Read Before Posting!   04/29/2016

      Trade Corner Rules   Trade Corner Moderators: Bearminator Rulana TheChampionMike   Welcome to PokeMMO’s Trade Corner sub-forum! The Trade Corner is a place for players to trade in game items / Pokemon, currency (Pokeyen) and services. Whilst we hope you enjoy your time here, there are some section specific rules we ask you to abide by.     Welcome to PokeMMO’s Trade Corner sub-forum! The Trade Corner is a place for players to trade in game items / Pokemon, currency (Pokeyen)and services. Whilst we hope you enjoy your time here, there are some section specific rules we ask you to abide by.     1. Absolutely no Real Money Trading (aka Real World Trading) can take place. Real Money Trading (RMT) is the sale of in-game items, currency, characters or other data in order to obtain real money. RMT activity is strictly prohibited and any players caught participating in RMT-related activities will be punished.   2. Only one thread may be open at one time per user. We would recommend editing your existing thread rather than starting a new one as you will not be allowed to make a new thread until your existing one is closed.If you would like your thread to be closed, send a private message to a Global Moderator or Trade Corner Moderator and change the title of your thread to "Please Lock". You can find a list of Moderators here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/5-pokemmo-staff-listing/   3. Shared or team threads are not allowed.   4. Posts that do not contribute to the trade or otherwise have no reason to be there are considered spam and will be removed.   5. Do not make threads or posts asking for donations, commonly referred to as “begging”.   6. Bumping is fine but please observe the following rules; If your thread is on the first page you may bump it once every 24 hours. If your thread has made it past the first page, you may bump it back to the first page regardless of the last time you bumped it. However once it is back on the first page you must wait 24 hours before bumping it again.
        7. Restrictions on thread titles: No excessive usage of caps, punctuation or special characters (such as "BAGON AUCTION GOING FAST!!!!!!!" or "☻☺☻☺☻Example's☺☻Shop☻☺☻☺☻") No more than 60 characters may be used in your thread title. Subjective or opinionated terms (such as "Godly", "Amazing", etc.) should not be used for describing any goods in titles.   8. We do not allow threads asking for or discussing values.   9. Lottery Rules:
      Trade Corner Moderators have discussed how to ensure the validity of player run lotteries. We are now enforcing guidelines that govern how this transaction takes place. Players creating a lottery must first private message a Trade Corner Moderator before creating a thread. The player must mail the item/Pokemon being raffled to the Staff member who will keep it safe until all tickets are sold. Once all tickets are sold the staff member in question will draw the number and mail the prize to the winner. Lottery threads must not be opened until the staff member has confirmed receipt of the prize.   10. Threads will be trashed after two weeks or more of inactivity.    11. The Code of Conduct applies here as well as in all other forums. This can be found here: https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct

Shiny Solrock Lottery

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Hello guys, my friend @narutoseninvictor (XxxDragonDarkxxX) asked me to create this lottery, since he have some troubles using the forums.



100 Tickets


32k$ per ticket



Staff Member @Bluejim will pick the winner when all tickets sold


Buy tickets here, so people can see wich tickets are already reserved. (I ll remove  reserves of unpaid tickets after 24h)


Only paid tickets are reserved. Pay mailing the money to "Risaddex" ingame. (Please notice the double "d")


The time I recieve the mail prevales on the time you posted here, in case of 2 players choose the same ticket.








1- Elliasal

2- Elliasal

3- Elliasal

4- Moisessss

5- ZhikoDark

6- Adamesh

7- AssasinV

8- GodofKawaii

9- AssasinV

10- AgusBB

11- Midzz

12- AgusBB

13- AgusBB

14- tomtheblonde

15- BlackArioc

16- DeadGorilla

17- Midzz

18- GodofKawaii

19- ChJul

20- AxLKghost


22- tomtheblonde

23- MathewMat

24- tomtheblonde

25- BlackArioc

26- AxLKghost

27- AxLKghost

28- GodofKawaii

29- chechof

30- cjmystogan

31- BlackArioc

32- BlackArioc

33- WildHodor

34- WildHodor

35- WildHodor

36- WildHodor

37- tomtheblonde

38- GodofKawaii

39- WildHodor

40- WildHodor

41- WildHodor

42- WildHodor

43- WildHodor

44- WildHodor

45- DeadGorilla

46- BlackArioc

47- BlackArioc

48- GodofKawaii

49- KazejinX

50- BlackArioc

51- BlackArioc

52- elRapa

53- DarylDixonTWD

54- vyvuihoai

55- ByronMetal

56- tomdeblonde

57- DarylDixonTWD

58- GodofKawaii

59- DarylDixonTWD

60- DarylDixonTWD

61- DarylDixonTWD

62- cjmystogan

63- tomtheblonde

64- DarylDixonTWD

65- HotDogMistico

66- DarylDixonTWD

67- Nitheryn

68- GodofKawaii

69- GodofKawaii

70- DarylDixonTWD

71- DarylDixonTWD

72- DarylDixonTWD

73- Midzz

74- DarylDixonTWD

75- DarylDixonTWD

76- Nitheryn

77- DeadVenom

78- GodofKawaii

79- MathewMat

80- MathewMat

81- MathewMat

82- MathewMat

83- MathewMat

84- MathewMat

85- MathewMat

86- MathewMat

87- tomtheblonde

88- GodofKawaii

89- NuMetalOp

90- OverMasterX

91- BlackArioc

92- BlackArioc

93- tomtheblonde

94- BlackArioc

95- BlackArioc

96- BlackArioc

97- BlackArioc

98- GodofKawaii

99- MathewMat

100- MathewMat


Bold = Paid

Good Luck Folks !

Edited by Risadex
default format based on @Raederz, the king of lotteries

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Posted (edited)

I paid for 3 tickets: the numbers were 24, 32 and 37 I believe. Ty (If the numbers in the mail I sent you don't match the ones on here use the ones in the mail) Ty again


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Posted (edited)

23 hours ago, tomtheblonde said:

I paid for 3 tickets: the numbers were 24, 32 and 37 I believe. Ty (If the numbers in the mail I sent you don't match the ones on here use the ones in the mail) Ty again


oh sure i ll fix (its 24, 37 and 56 on mail, so I put 56 instead of 32)


edit: fixed

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17 and 73 as well as my previously purchased 11. money sent

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