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Things you're not proud of

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  • Evolving Bloos Kadabra back in 2013 when he lent it to me
  • Having long hiatus away from logging in the game multiple times
  • Being a bad staff member by not hosting events for a long period
  • Not joining staff the first time I was offered back in 2014
  • Spending however many credits on NightArch in PSL6
  • Sending ch1 players to whisper Rache, not once but twice
  • Not joining Teamspeak sooner to talk with people
  • Not joining Discord still to talk with people

Probably more tbh

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10 hours ago, Darkshade said:

There have been at least 2 occasions where I have given accidental sex changes to both humans and 'mons across the entire server.


The first time was during the introduction of HG/SS overworld sprites to replace the GBA ones, and the ID for the Old Ladies got mixed up with the one for the Old Men.


The second time was when we updated the gender icons; I gave them to Shu to add to the client files but forgot to put them in the visual order they were originally. (Males on the left and Females on the right).


This meant that post-update every 'mon on the server was [visually] displaying the incorrect gender for a day or two.

This led to both some very angry and also hilarious bug reports.


Good times.

What about those Mystery Dungeon Let's plays.



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On 6/10/2017 at 4:55 AM, TheGloriousWalrus said:

Somewhat same as Xatu, had a comp aerodactyl in 2012 that was near perfect, worth twice it's weight in lucky eggs. Traded for a level 70 persian.

When bagon just came out, I had a somewhat decent comp salamence, was offered a shiny sandslash for it (4 eggs at the time), declined, should have taken it. 

Aye yea I got a jolly aerodactyl from a random player 20-31 speed. Before breeding was announced and it turned, out to be 31 speed. I was offered 8 eggs for it and turned it down then breeding came or and the price went down :(

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