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Tier List Update June 2017

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I will announce the Tier list changes of June in this thread.

These changes are made according to the Usage gathered during the month of May after respective tier changes were made

The tables can be seen here: (The cut-off point is 4.36%).



A list of this months Tier Changes:


Moving up from OU to Ubers, Testban


After months of discussion about Chansey's role in the OU Metagame, the Tier Council has come to the decision to test-ban it from the tier for two months.


Chansey consistently tops the usage charts, but this alone doesn't wrap up the case. It appears on approximately 50% of teams, but how is it affecting the overall teambuilding process in OU? Let's take a look at the next nine Pokemon on the usage charts below Chansey.



All of these Pokemon can be, and often are, tailored to take advantage of Chansey's presence. Metagross, Flygon, Gyarados, and Heracross can muscle past it on the physical side. Venusaur, Forretress, and Skarmory can often set up on it. Weezing and Milotic synergize well with Chansey as some of its most common partners, forming a very solid physical/special defensive core.


Chansey's usage is around 40% higher overall than the next special wall, Umbreon, which finds itself on approximately 12% of OU teams. This means that players are unlikely to encounter a different choice of special wall on more than 1/8 teams. So what makes Chansey so splashable? It has the special bulk to completely shrug off special attackers, high enough base HP to soak up most non-super effective physical attacks, and healing options to not only keep itself healthy, but support its team as well. It often runs Protect for scouting choice locked moves, and has a fantastic ability in Natural Cure that allows it to absorb status ailments for its teammates without suffering after it switches out again. The combination of these notable traits and many more makes it difficult for players not to choose Chansey when they start building a team.


However, despite these arguments from the pro-ban side, there's no denying that Chansey CAN be dealt with. Multiple Pokemon were mentioned earlier in this post that can handle it and there are certainly more that see less usage. In the end though, the Tier Council has decided that a test ban was for the best in the long run, as a chance to end the speculation and view the metagame without Chansey first hand will answer once and for all the question of whether Chansey's influence is healthy or not in the OU tier.


As usual in suspect tests, we need your opinions. Experiment with new special walls/cores, and see if there are enough tools to handle some of the heavy hitting special attackers in tie tier. Tell us if you notice any significant changes in the metagame, whether its less emphasis on physical attackers, a change in game pace, or any other noticeable effects.


If any special attackers turn out to be too overwhelming during this period, they may also be added to the ban list and the duration of the test extended.


Moving up from NU to BL2

Aggron: The Tier Council has voted unanimously to ban Aggron to BL2 under uber offensive characteristics. Aggron possess a huge threat to the NU tier with very few switch ins to it.  Of those switch ins none of them have access to instant recovery. Hitmontop in particular is a good switch into Aggron, but it cannot withstand repeated iron tails. Aggron is potentially 1 flinch away from sweeping the tier with rock slide spam. Aggron hits a decent speed tier at 112 and can run choice band or choice scarf. Aggron can be bulky and punch holes threw the opposing teams core. Poliwrath was a reliable counter, resisting both stab moves and threatening with its own stab moves. Both of Aggron's abilities are good in competitive play, but Sturdy gets a special mention as it allows a full health Aggron to live a hit and revenge kill the threat.


Moving down from UU to NU

Granbull: 2.49 % Usage in UU



Thanks to the Tier Council for their hard work and dedication to making the tiers better. Also to everyone who has been participating in Official Tournaments and Matchmaking!

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