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PSL Season 8 General Thread

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Made by eggroll


Introduction: The Eighth Season of the PokeMMO Super League!


Welcome back everyone to another season of the ever so exciting PokeMMO Super League, brought to you by everyone's favorite animal, BurntZebra. After JJ stepped down from his position of power, someone else needed to step in to keep the PSL tradition alive. I hope this season of PSL goes beyond everyone's expectations and it is still as drama-filled and competitive as before. 


I'm sure most of you are aware of what PSL is and what it's all about, but just in case someone is new or has been living under a rock for a few years, I'll give a quick breakdown of the event. PSL is a competitive event that takes place over the period of roughly three months, where teams are formed by chosen managers, and those teams all fight it out against each other, to find out which team is the best, and which team gets to take home the prize. Teams will fight it out each week in an 8 vs. 8 format, which will contain tiers from PokeMMO and Showdown. 


Managers will be chosen by yours truly, with the aid of some trusted individuals. They will be in charge of creating teams. People will be able to apply for manager positions on the separate manager application thread, which will be posted shortly after this. I have decided no managers get a free spot from last season, but past PSL success will make your manager resume much stronger. There will be eight teams, and thus eight managers will be chosen this season. 


Players will get purchased by a manager, and then will be tasked with playing one match per week in a specific tier, against players from the other teams. Players are the heart of the event, as there would be no event without the players. For this season, there will only be 8 tiers in a standard lineup, so team sizes will vary from about 8-11 players, including substitute players.


Once the managers are chosen, the player sign up thread will be posted, where players will post their name, timezone, the tiers they play, and whatever other fluff they would like to say, in order to coerce managers into buying them. As the number of players will be reduced from last season due to the 8 tier lineup, the competition for getting chosen as a player will be increased. This means prospective competitive players need to put more effort into showing their skill, effort, compassion, and desire to play.


After the seven weeks of teams playing each other, six teams will proceed into the playoffs. The top two seeds will receive a bye for the first round, while the bottom four will duel it out. This will proceed until there are only two teams left, then they will play, and then we will have the new champions of PSL for season 8. 


The Tentative Schedule*:


Now -> May 29th - Manager Sign ups and selection

May 29th -> June 11th - Player Sign ups and auction/draft

June 18th/19th - Week 1 Starts

July 16th - Midseason stuff going on

August 13th - Playoffs begin

August 27th - Final Championship Matches


*subject to change


Tiers for this season of PSL:






Doubles (BO3 format, happy doctorpleb?)






Rule Changes: 

I'm sure all of you will read the entire set of rules posted later on in this thread, but for those who are familiar with the rules of PSL, here are some of the changes from last season.


  • There will be 8 tiers instead of 10 tiers per team, as seen above for the tier selection.
  • Players in OU1/OU2 will no longer be based off which player has more wins. A 5-0 player could play in OU2, while the 0-3 player still plays in OU1. The same will apply if UU2 becomes one of the tiers this season.
  • Credits will no longer have a use after the initial auction. No credits will be awarded for ties or losses.
  • The Midseason Draft will now be a draft, instead of an auction, thus no credits are used. The last place team gets the first pick, etc.
  • Trades will no longer have any specific restrictions, but will still be overseen by myself.
  • Drafted players may now be traded, as long as they are not also the captain of the team.
  • Free agency has been removed. Players may only be obtained from the initial auction/draft, trades, and the midseason draft.




I will still be accepting donations so that there can be more prizes to give out, and to have a bigger grand prize for the winning team. Donations can still be sent to "BurntZebrah" using the in-game mail system. 



Our Managers this season:



1. Elcoolio and The Schwifty Shiftrys   


2. LKrenz and The Hungry Salamences 


3. LifeStyle and The Brave Blazikens


4. EricTheGreat and The Gain Train


5. TheChampionMike and The Driftveil Dragonites


6. Yubel and The Boosted Monkeys


7. DoubleJ and The Machoke Artists


8. OldKeith and The Flocking Buzzwoles


The Draft Order and Credit Count:

1. LKrenz - 112k credits

2. DoubleJ - 98k credits

3. TheChampionMike - 100k credits

4. OldKeith - 100k credits

5. Elcoolio - 100k credits

6. DoubleJ 

7. LifeStyle - 100k credits

8. Yubel - 100k credits

9. Yubel

10. LifeStyle

11. EricTheGreat - 90k credits

12. OldKeith

13. Elcoolio

14. TheChampionMike

15. EricTheGreat

16. EricTheGreat




Thank you all for the support and the opportunity to host what is one of the biggest events and one of the cornerstones of the PokeMMO community. 


Edited by BurntZebra

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The PSL host is the conductor of the entire event. Their responsibilities are endless and they have the final say in any decision. They organize every aspect of the PSL and ensure that rules are met, competition is adequate, and the event is fun for everyone involved.

Small Council:


In order to protect the host from public outcry, it is recommended that they create a “small council” of pre-selected members of the community, preferably a diverse group with prior PSL experience. The small council will assist the host with difficult decisions such as assigning activity wins, punishments, and any unforeseen circumstances. The small council will not be known by the community; in order to avoid personal attacks on individuals who make potentially controversial decisions.



A manager in the PSL is the leader of their team and carries the most responsibility. They will conduct the draft, determine a weekly roster, and motivate their players to succeed and stay motivated to play week in and week out. Any trades are made and accepted by the managers. Managers need to ensure that their players follow the rules and are updated about any changes that might occur. They are also responsible for notifying the host of any necessary substitutions that need to be made. They also watch for possible inactivity by their players and ensure that their matches are player throughout the season. All correspondence between the manager and the host should be made by personal message, so that it is documented. Managers are selected subjectively by the host and if present, his small council. By accepting a position as manager, you accept that any decision by the host is final and that you will follow the rules. You also accept that you cannot play as a player and can only represent your team through administrative decisions.


Keep in mind that eight managers will be selected per season. All selections will be made during the preseason manager selection process.


 The manager has these responsibilities:
  • The manager shall send the host weekly rosters
  • The manager shall ensure to his/her best capabilities that every match will be completed by the deadline
  • The manager shall inform the host as to why a match failed to be completed in the event that one fails
  • The managers shall inform the host of any substitutions that need to be made
  • The manager shall inform the host of any attempts of cheating by his team or others
  • The manager oversees all trades involving their team
  • The manager oversees both drafts unless unable to be present, in which case the manager shall appoint someone to draft on their behalf
  • The manager shall name a team captain who shall act in their steed should they be absent

Team Captain: 


A team captain is chosen by his or her manager after the preseason auction is completed. A team captain cannot be released and are responsible for helping his/her manager throughout the season. If a manager needs to take a short leave of absence, the team captain can act in their place, which means they are in charge of submitting lineups and the other managerial duties mentioned above.



A player signs up for the PSL to compete in duels and represent his/her team weekly in order to win the grand prize at the end of the season. Players join the PSL by signing up in the “Player Registration” thread during the preseason and will be selected by a manager during the auction/draft. Players are at the mercy of their manager, who will select which tiers they play and even whether they play at all.


PSL players are the backbone of this event and we need a diverse group to ensure success. Past players have joined from every corner of the planet and have found a ton of enjoyment by meeting new players and challenging themselves to play in a high stakes event.


When you join the PSL, you are agreeing to play for any manager that selects you in the auction and that you are committed to playing throughout the entirety of the season. You will also follow the rules provided and will respect the host’s decision. If you do not agree to these, then do not sign up, or else you risk getting banned by the host for future seasons to come.



The preseason events will include the manager selection period, player registration, and the auction. Other events that might occur will be released prior to the start of the season. Any prizes for said events will be removed from the total PSL prize pool.

Preseason Trades:


Managers have the right to make trades prior to the start of the season involving preseason credits and their draft picks, in order to better their position for the auction and the season itself.

Manager Selection: 


A thread will be opened that will explicitly state the rules involved in this process, but in summary players from the community will submit an application to participate as a manager for the PSL. Once the application period has ended, the host and his/her small council will select eight managers for the season and a formal announcement will be made afterward. 

Player Registration:


A thread will be opened that will explicitly state the rules involved in this process, but in summary players from the community will submit their names, favored tiers, in-game team, and time-zone for which they live. The players who register will represent the PSL player base and will be selected in the auction to fill out the various teams. We’re aiming for roughly 120 registrations per season, but a minimum of 100 should suffice in an 8-tier, 8-team system. Realize that not all players that register will be able to play.

Preseason Player Selection Process:


The preseason player selection process can be conducted in one of three ways: an auction, where managers use credits to bid on players; a draft, where managers select players in a pre-assigned order; or a hybrid system, where several rounds are conducted as draft with the remaining done as an auction. Is at the discretion of the host to select which format is used during the season.


For this season, the same method will be used as last season. A combination of the draft and auction. Two rounds of draft with snaking order, and then an auction for the remaining players.

Regular Season:


The regular season will consist of seven weeks of play and will be completed in a round robin format with each team playing each other once. At the end of these seven weeks of play the best teams will advance to the playoffs.



A team’s roster is submitted by their manager before the start of each week and will include a list of which players will play each tier. Any player can be placed in any position, regardless of their record, in order to gain an advantage over their opponent. This is a change from last season, where the order of matches were determined by the number of wins of each player.




A credit based system will be implemented which will be used for managers to barter with in trades and to select players during the preseason player selection process. Credits will no longer play a role after the initial auction, as the midseason player selection will be through the form of a draft, and not an auction.

Regular Season Trades:


Trades are allowed in the PSL. Managers are given the right to offer other managers trade packages in order to better their team. The select rules regarding this will be released by the host prior to the start of the season.

Scheduling a Match:


It is the responsibility of each player to schedule their match with their opponent for the week. It is recommended that the primary method of contact be done using the forum messaging system, but if your opponent’s inbox is full please contact them by posting on their forum profile. In-game whispers with screenshots will not be taken into account when activity decisions are made by the host. There are no extensions, excluding a tie breaker. All matches must be completed in their allotted week as the season must move forward.

Activity Decisions:


If a match is not completed, the host will have to decide between awarding an activity win or declaring the match a no contest. This is largely a subjective process, but players that put forth the necessary effort to get a match scheduled will typically be rewarded with an activity win.



If a player is unable to compete during the week, a manager has the right to substitute that player out of the line-up in exchange for one of his bench players. Any player that has been subbed out will be inactivated for the remainder of that week. The goal of the PSL is to have every match played in their allotted weeks, regardless of circumstances. If a manager is able to make a substitution in order to have the match played, the host will ensure that it happens otherwise this will be deemed “inappropriate behavior” for match evading and that manager may risk losing by activity decision.

Free Agency:


Free Agency will no longer be a part of PSL due to the removal of post-auction credits. Managers: Be smart with your picks. Don’t pick unreliable people or people that will quit, as you will be unable to replace players who quit. Managers will have to wait until the Midseason draft to pick up any new players.



Tiers will be selected by the host, but must include PokeMMO OU, UU, NU, and Doubles. This is primarily a PokeMMO event, and thus PokeMMO tiers should be used. Regardless, hosts may select Showdown tiers to supplement and diversify this event. Tiers will be presented by the host prior to player registration. See on the original post of the thread for this season's selected tiers.

Midseason Draft: 


There will be an opportunity for players that missed out on the start of the season to join the PSL through the midseason draft. A registration process will take place and managers will choose players in a draft, rather than the typical auction. The last place PSL team will have first pick on the midseason players, the second last place team will have second pick, and so on. Once all eight teams have chosen their picks, the last place team will begin the process again. A manager may abstain from the midseason draft in either round, if they feel they do not need any players.



The top six teams, based on record, will move on to the playoffs in order to play for the seasonal championship. The tournament will be held in a single elimination format and the top two teams will be given a bye in the first round. The winning team will receive a significant reward for being the champions.



The host has final say in any and all decisions. There is no appeal process in the PSL as the event must move forward on a weekly basis. 



As a participant in the PSL, you will maintain respect for your host, manager, teammates, opponents, and for yourself at all times. Any unnecessary or excessively inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action.



The host has the right to ban a player for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, quitting the PSL unexpectedly, inappropriate behavior, and attempting to cheat. The length of a ban will be decided upon by the host.



It is understandable that unforeseen and/or unprecedented events can and will take place. With that in mind, the host will make decisions as best he or she can. Remember, the host has final say in all decisions. Each season we learn from these type of events and hope to remedy them through rule changes and adjustments. Be patient and remember, this is an unofficial and player ran event. We have our flaws and no decision is perfect.


Edited by BurntZebra

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Total Donations: 53,250,900 + shiny beedrill

List of Donators:

  • PokeMMO Staff - 8.6M 
  • BurntZebra - 7M
  • Rigamorty - 7M 
  • Frags - 3M
  • overToasted - 2,000,900
  • TheChampionMike - 2M
  • gunthug - 2M
  • Lkrenz - 1.55M 
  • Yubel - 1.5M
  • Lazaaro - 1,413,889
  • XelaKebert - shiny beedrill 
  • Elcoolio - 1M + his love
  • KaynineXL - 1M
  • RacheLucario - 1M
  • Nahwel - 1M
  • JIce - 1M
  • DoubleJ - 1M
  • Parke - 1M
  • Kriliin - 1M
  • Kizhaz - 1M
  • Bearminator - 1M
  • DarylDixonTWD - 1M
  • Lifestyle - 700k
  • Miguelez - 600k
  • EricTheGreat - 598,550
  • StriderxD - 400k + some extra
  • Mlhawk - 500111
  • yosoyarca - 500k
  • Mkns - 400k
  • aftershocker - 300k
  • Deadwind - 275k 
  • SirVecctor - 270k
  • SirAlbert - 250k
  • Axoa - 436k
  • xSparkie - 200k
  • OldKeith - 200k
  • Predakiller - 125k
  • Abelachy - 123170 + 5 cookies
  • Havsha - 100k
  • Didi - 100k
  • BurntZebrah - 42,886 
  • Suneet - 34,612
  • stairway - 666
  • Kanzo - 69
  • Sialia - 44 
  • Jovi - 3



Prize Breakdown:

to be determined

Edited by BurntZebra

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11 minutes ago, BurntZebra said:


  • Players in OU1/OU2 will no longer be based off which player has more wins. A 5-0 player could play in OU2, while the 0-3 player still plays in OU1. The same will apply if UU2 becomes one of the tiers this season.

Love everything man. But what's the reasoning behind this? 

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8 minutes ago, BlackJovi said:

Love everything man. But what's the reasoning behind this? 

There wasn't much of a point to the rule in the first place. The person with a better record in OU2 may be more likely to win vs other opponents in OU2, but then the flip side is the player in OU1 with the worse record is more likely to lose vs other opponents in OU1. Managers may decide to keep their lineups consistent with the number of wins if they so please, but no rules about it will be enforced. Also, the confusion that occurred with changing lineups around if someone was substituted in, due to the number of wins ranking, is not worth the hassle.

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1 minute ago, BurntZebra said:

There wasn't much of a point to the rule in the first place. The person with a better record in OU2 may be more likely to win vs other opponents in OU2, but then the flip side is the player in OU1 with the worse record is more likely to lose vs other opponents in OU1. Managers may decide to keep their lineups consistent with the number of wins if they so please, but no rules about it will be enforced. Also, the confusion that occurred with changing lineups around if someone was substituted in, due to the number of wins ranking, is not worth the hassle.

Fair enough you animal 

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53 minutes ago, BlackJovi said:

Fair enough you animal 

I encouraged removing this rule, manly because players that excel in all tiers get stuck in ou2 or ou3 by the end of the season even if they're 1-0 and three other player is 2-4. Players like frags, kb, zeb etc. 


On phone, my b for words

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Not sure I agree with 8 matches. Think about how many 2k players have had great records and starting spots. This is supposed to be the cornerstone of the competitive community but with 64 people competing per week it's the size of a regular tournament. Despite this PSL is always the best part of MMO

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1 minute ago, Suneet said:

Didn't 10 tiers get more votes though? 

Zeb is the almighty dictator and this is his event, he can do as he wishes. He's steering the ship fammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ya'll can voice your opinion, but he ultimately has the last say. 



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2 minutes ago, Suneet said:


Nah, we like to think of ourselves as "empowered" =)

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11 hours ago, BurntZebra said:


LC or UU2 (depending on player turnout, will decide later)


 or NU2?

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11 hours ago, BurntZebra said:

There wasn't much of a point to the rule in the first place. The person with a better record in OU2 may be more likely to win vs other opponents in OU2, but then the flip side is the player in OU1 with the worse record is more likely to lose vs other opponents in OU1. Managers may decide to keep their lineups consistent with the number of wins if they so please, but no rules about it will be enforced. Also, the confusion that occurred with changing lineups around if someone was substituted in, due to the number of wins ranking, is not worth the hassle.

I actually think this is a good idea

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9 minutes ago, EricTheGreat said:

What happens if a big update comes mid season and changes entire meta and adds new Pokes

Don't change the meta? I mean all the old comps will still be usable. Just before you start the match have it get checked by someone that it's all legal, as in were these moves all available before the update. Then you can start the match. Atleast that's what I would do.

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