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[NØRE] - Dead

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Team Motto:




[NØRE] was created by DoctorPBJ, LeJovi and LifeStyle.



We win officials




We are a comp team, so therefore, we give out ranks based on your official accolades in the game (No, CC's are not real officials).

Executive: 5+ Official wins.

Commander:  3+ Official wins.

Officer: 1 Official win.

Member: At least a 2nd Place.

Grunt: Lmao get good fam.


It's all motivation to rank up =)


Team Tournaments:


OU/NU/Doubles (27th May 2017) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/TeamTTournamentMay2017

OU/UU/Doubles (29th July 2017) - 1st Place http://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/TTournamentJuly2017


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Airborne Tournament III (13th May 2016) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/airborneIII

A Tasty Cep [OU] (5th October 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=144

PokeMMO Autumn Showdown 2016: Qualifier #3 [NU] (16th October 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=148

UU Starshower (6th November 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=170

Irrelephant Thuursday [UU] (1st December 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=201

Oceanic 2017 #1 [UU] (22nd January 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=258

ZangOUse's Revenge (27th January 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=262

KingDroubles (26th February 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=313

NU Rumble #2 (6th March 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=334

Krabby's Celebration Fiesta [NU] (15th March 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=333

Little Cup League #7 (17th March 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=338

Cubone's Revenge [OU] (4th May 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=406

NU Rumble #6 (26th May 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=422

Friday Night Throwdown IX [NU] (23rd June 2017) - 1st Place https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=448

NU Leaderboard Tournament #2 (28th June 2017) - 2nd Place https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=439

Little Cup League #11 (22nd July 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=493




Linoone's Extreme OU Bonanza (4th May 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=32

A Magnificent Duo! [OU/NU] (11th June 2016) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/MagnificentDuo

Shine Bright! [UU] (17th June 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=60

The PokeMMO Summer Ball: Qualifier #5 [UU] (29th July 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=83

All in or Fold [OU] (30th July 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=89

Kizhaz Sprouted [NU] (28th October 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=165

Mama Mia! A Monotype Tournament (31st January 2017) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/Mamamia

Will UU go to the prom with me? nOU #2 (11th March 2017) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/promnight2



Oceanic Tourney #1 (19th July 2013) - 1st Placehttp://challonge.com/OceanicTourney

Psychological Warfare [OU] (20th July 2013) - 1st Placehttp://challonge.com/PsychologicalWarfare6v6

Winona's Phleasant Birdquiz [Doubles] (22nd December 2015) - 1st Place - No Bracket

Doubles Hype Train #3 (6th February 2016) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/doubleshype3

The Togepi Cup [LC] (5th March 2016) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/TogepiCupMarch

PokeMMO Spring Fever Series: Qualifier #1 [Doubles] (3rd April 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=11

The Togepi Cup [LC] (16th April 2016) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/TogepiCupApril

PokeMMO Spring Fever Series: Finals [Doubles] (5th June 2016) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/SpringFever

Double or Nothing! (2nd July 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=61

Little Cup's Return! (9th July 2016) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/LCReturn

Arcanine's Dog House [OU] (16th July 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=70

Makuhita's Metronome Melee (4th September 2016) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/metronomemelee

Your Friendly Neighborhood Batman [Doubles] (7th January 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=254

KingDroubles (26th February 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=313

Oceanic 2017 #3 [Doubles] (18th March 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=337

[Doubles] Lake Of Ragequit #2 (2nd June 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=423



PokeMMO Summer Ball 2015: Qualifier #8 [UU] (23rd August 2015) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/summerball8

Poliwrath's Fight Club [NU] (26th July 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=76

Oceanic August Tournament [UU] (20th August 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=86

Kingler's Beach Party [NU] (22nd August 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=99

Whiscash's Wild Water Rapids [NU] (26th September 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=126

Little Cup League #9 (28th May 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=421

Presenting - Give us a Doubles Tournament! (24th July 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=496

[NU] Roselia's Flower Garden (27th August 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=520




Blindman's Bluff 2 [Doubles] (11th August 2015) - 1st Placehttp://challonge.com/bb2tue

December's Double Trouble Weekend [Doubles] (13th December 2015) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/doubletroubledec

Oceanic January [Doubles] (17th January 2016) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/oceanicjan16

January's Double Trouble Tournament [Doubles] (24th January 2016) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/januarydoubletrouble

Doubles Hype Train Terminal (27th March 2016) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/hypetrain

PokeMMO Spring Fever Series: Qualifier #2 [Doubles] (10th April 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=13



Lake Of Ragequit [OU] (15th August 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=91

Great Deku Shiftree Tourney [NU] (14th September 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=119

Ludi's Doubles Dance Off (17th September 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=112

Take it Slow Bro #2 [OU] (10th November 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=193

[OU] Forretress's Rapid Spin (5th July 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=461




Winona's Phleasant Birdquiz [Doubles] (22nd December 2015) - 2nd Place - No Bracket

PokeMMO Spring Fever Series: Qualifier #2 [Doubles] (10th April 2016) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=13

Barely Noticeable Doubles (4th September 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=526



Double Trouble Tournament #14 (9th June 2017) - 1st Place - https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=442

Presenting - Give us a Doubles Tournament! (24th July 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=496



Swinub's Taiga Showdown [NU] (22nd April 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=366

Double Trouble Tournament #14 (9th June 2017) - 2nd Place - https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=442



Ninjask's NU Race (23rd May 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=418

Pike's STAB Tournament (15th June 2017) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/PikeSTAB



The True Mariachi Dance [OU] (18th June 2017) - 1st Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=458

Will UU go to prom with me? No U #3 (25th June 2017) - 1st Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/NoUProm3



Sunday Night Scrimmage 3 (31st January 2016) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/sns3

Oceanic OU October Tournament (29th October 2016) - 2nd Place - https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=157

ExeggCup [UU] (24th January 2017) - 1st Place - https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=266

NU Rumble #4 (2nd April 2017) - 2nd Place - https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=363




UU STAB Returns! (22nd October 2015) - 2nd Placehttp://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/uustaboct

Steelixes Gold Mine [UU] (13th March 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=340

Hoppip's NU Doubles Battle (20th April 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=382



PokeMMO Autumn Showdown 2016: Qualifier #3 [NU] (16th October 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=148



PokeMMO Autumn Showdown 2016: Qualifier #2 [NU] (9th October 2016) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=147



[OU] Koffing's Asthma Attack (20th August 2017) - 2nd Placehttps://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=521













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Just now, Torinnnnn said:

come online, me and my hand brace have risen from the ashes 

cant until sunday or monday 

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47 minutes ago, NORE said:

I guess you can call us the new OG3, except we are way better than the former one.


@JSTUD: Regarded as one of the best to ever play this game and carried LYLE during our prime.

@KingBowser: Regarded as the best player to ever play this game by many, and one of the most decorated players individually.

@DoubleJ: Won a few seasonals, created a bunch of shit on forums, led the best story time ever, was bored at work, psl hype, doubles guide, etc.



But sure... you guys are the bestest =)

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Just now, Risadex said:

Team chat preview: 

  Reveal hidden contents

- U nab

- No u

- No u mom

- jajajaja

- chupa me pendejo

- no u

- u mom


Nah, that's more like your team

2 minutes ago, KaynineXL said:

Why arent i exec ive won more than 6?

cuz u havent logged

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