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[Sig] Nyas' Motion Text Sigs

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So felt like experimenting a bit. I knew I wanted to open a thread but didn't know what to put out that was unique. This is what I settled on.


The following are a few examples of signatures I've done.





Any who, you guys know the deal. Make sure to answer the following questions when requesting one.


Choice of two colors:


Team (Optional):



Donations are welcome but not necessary.

IGN is Nyas, for those interested.


If you're having trouble selecting colors, make sure to follow the following diagram, provided by Draekyn. 



In addition, I'd refrain from selecting white, or light gray as options. 


To apply the signature, make sure that you're pasting the embed code directly, and not the actual image.

(To get it, re-upload the Gif to Imgur, click on the arrow that gives share options, and get the BBC Code)

Edited by ShinyGoku

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Those waves are neat :o!


Choice of two colors: #e97161 and #f8d97f (or alike)

Name: Sialia

Team (Optional): SÄSS

Render: Skitty


what's your IGN btw?

Edited by Bluebird

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Choice of two colors: Green and white (or light gray if that works better) if that doesn't work just use green and red

Name: Ploegy

Team (Optional): SÄSS

Render: Yoshi

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Choice of two colors: Dark Blue & Orange

Name: Kizhaz

Team (Optional): Pokemmo Staff

Render: Mantine

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1 hour ago, ShinyGoku said:

Choice of two colors: i like monochromatic 


Team (Optional):aura with the weird A

Render: drew this by hand special for thisA4Jc0nL.png


also want me to do a sig for you in return? 

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Choice of two colors: Red and Orange or Blue and Black whichever looks better

Name: Suneet

Team (Optional): RISÉ

Render: Lucario


Thanks lord nyas will mail you a donation later bb

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mememememe <3


Choice of two colors: #b45a83  and #fec45a !! (the colors from the shiny mawile gen 5 sprite)

Name: mayuyu

Team (Optional): SÄSS

Render: Mawile

Edited by mayuuuuu

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This is fire

Choice of two colors: blue and black 

Name: LeJovi

Team (Optional): LYLE

Render: Blaziken / Sceptile (any of them will do) 


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These are insane i love them

Choice of two colors: Purple Black

Name: Fuzzy

Team: SÄSS

Render: Mewtwo

Ill definitely donate ^^

Edited by FuzzyRegirock

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2 minutes ago, ShinyGoku said:

omg it couldn't be more perfect <3 aaaaa thank youuuu!! I'll send you a little something in game :>

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